Can ‘You’ Hear Me – by Rashna Walton




These original poems beautifully showcase the mind’s ability to paint pictures using words that can transport us to other times, moments and places.

Rashna has, through her very special brand of creativity and wonderful command of language, created a number of journeys you may wish to take.


Here’s what Rashna has to say…

I will let Rumi’s poem ‘Love Dogs‘ explain far more eloquently than I ever could, why I attempt to write poetry.  Here is the poem, condensed, partly paraphrased, and part quotation.

A man was calling and praising God when a passer by says, I’ve heard you calling but have you ever had an answer?  No replies the man and he stops praying and falls into a confused sleep,  Someone else happens to pass by and asks, Why did you stop? and the man replies ‘Because I never heard anything back’.

The poem goes on ‘this longing you express is the return message.  Your pure sadness that wants help is the secret cup.  Listen to the moan of a dog for its master; that whining is the connection’.



A Dream Was Dreaming




By The Time


Dawn Chorus










I Understand


Tea (A Dream)


Time Spent With the Beloved-1


While heads lie Sleeping


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