The more we make the unconscious conscious the more we free ourselves from our patterns, habits and fears.


To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.


Silence makes the greatest sounds but to hear them you need to immerse yourself in it regularly.


Practice makes permanent.  If you want to be content you have to make your mind a place you want to be.   Your life is most influenced by your thoughts… make them positive and kind.


Only accept a theory, principle or doctrine if you can verify it in the laboratory of your own life.   Experience is the greatest authority of them all.


When we let go of our doubts, inadequacies and fears, we create room for our strengths, abilities and talents.


Charity begins at home.  The first home is the self.   I have to make things right with ‘me’ in order to make things right with ‘we’.


Treat others as you wish to be treated and you will automatically make your bit of the world a better place.


The outer world, with all its material attractions and intoxicating offerings, cannot really be accurately interpreted and understood until the inner landscape is fully explored.


To attain wealth, status and kudos at the expense of one’s beliefs, values and character is to become bankrupt.


Keep counting your blessings and they’ll never go away.


Only look backwards when it is informing the next step you need to take.


The mind that is clear and knows where it is going will almost certainly reach its destination.   So work out exactly what you’re striving to achieve and focus on it with all your heart.


Those who establish positive routines quickly discover that the momentum generated makes the impossible possible.


Work out eight non-negotiables – commitments and practices that you will not surrender no matter what pressures come to persuade you otherwise.  Then personal power will meet you on the road of challenge.


Theory without practice is like a house without a roof.


Progress is best defined not in terms of scientific development but in terms of how we are using that science.


No effort, rightly intended, is ever in vain. Even when you’ve not achieved a certain objective or goal this does not mean you have failed. Failure is to not see the learning or the opportunity for growth.


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