I wish us to be free of our unnecessary fears
Let them fade away just like a rainbow disappears
Let the fear remain that helps us safely cross the street
And when real danger comes along puts speed into our feet


As for all the others, let us see through their disguise
These seeming demons, man, they pull the wool over your eyes
And then the heartbeat quickens and you don’t know what came over ya
Generalised anxiety, OCD and social phobia


Fear of being judged, fear of looking like a fool
And then humiliation, there’s a bully in this school
Fear of being different, fear of being queer
Fear there’s something wrong with me and then there’s fear of fear


With all of our addictions we’re trying to avoid
Memories and feelings, but we won’t be destroyed
Thoughts are only thoughts, sensations nothing more
It’s our interpretations get us running for the door


In a darkened room a rope’s perceived as snake
Paralysed by fear, afraid to make mistake
I wonder if it’s poisonous, I’m feeling really frightened
What a difference it makes if and when I get enlightened


Then the snake’s revealed as rope and the truth is pretty clear
There was never really anything for anyone to fear
So how do we get free of the hold of things that scare us?
With courage and with willingness to face them with awareness


Unnecessary fear, oh anxious apprehension
I understand you only came about for my protection
Unnecessary fear, unnecessary fear
I let you go, I let it be, I let you disappear