We’re in a prison
Called the system
No cages
We’re just slaves to our wages
Human resources – Commodities
Cogs in machines of economies


Consumers – of goods and devices
Not so good to be consumed by our vices
True believers of materialism
Stuffed with knowledge, but what about wisdom?


Mecca – is a bingo hall
And destiny’s a game on the PS4
Shopping centre – temple for the mass
Distracts from the facts but the fix won’t last


Trillions spent on warfare
That’s never fair
While we sit n watch a movie
From the comfort of a chair
Sacrifice uniqueness for security
A seeming solution to anxiety


Illusions – we’re sold lie after lie
That prey on our sense that we can’t get by
Without more that, without more this
Whiter teeth, righter clothes, it’s taking the piss



Education, what’s that really about?
Freedom to think, to question and doubt
But today it’s all exams, just do what you’re told
Spoon feed the kids so they’re fitting the mould


Were you surprised to see riots on the street
When the elders are gone and its all compare and compete
Affluenza with ever greater division
Of the rich and the poor and a shrinking provision
Of benefits, well you’d have to be blind
Not to see the way forward needs all of mankind
To stand together, all for one, one for all
It’s a tuff call to make but I’m making the call


So come on people, find the wisdom within
We’re in this together and we need to begin
Forgetting preconceptions and focus on soul
Keep values central, let them guide to the goal


All types of people, all shapes and all sizes
All children of Earth, we all deserve prizes
Not just a chosen few, that’s not it
When enlightenment lights it can’t be unlit


Horizons dissolving, it’s clearly true
We all add some spice to this planetary stew
No better, no worse, we’re all one of a kind
So lets honour the Earth and the whole of mankind