Every day I am a witness to countless miracles…. And yet I so easily look beyond them…. The miracle of my mind, the awesome miracles of nature and the amazing story played out in my body, moment by moment…. My life is a miracle not yet completely manifested…. It awaits my clear intention and instructions…. I can either sit amongst the miracles taking place and see them as ordinary events, or I can connect to the countless wonders of life which in turn connect me to my own wonder…. As I sit in a place of awe and respect I find myself valuing the miracles around me and in valuing them I find myself valuing me…. I increasingly become aware that I am a miracle…. And I can be an instrument for many more miracles to turn up in my life and the lives of those around me….Why am I waiting, hoping my life will unfold in a particular way?….


When if I positively exploit my talents, abiliities, experience and my character, then destiny will surely work with me to create those miracles…. Those miracles live in my mind, like eggs waiting to be hatched…. All they need is the loving nurture of my focus and my faith…. Both of which are growing in me right now, as I slowly come to understand the miracle of life…. And the miracle of me…. I choose to participate in the miraculous….