Relaxation is a wonderful antidote to stress. It can dissipate anxiety and quell the storms of anger. Not only is it good for the mind as it generates greater poise and clarity, it also produces a multitude of healing hormones, which have extraordinary benefits for the body too: improving heart functon, lowering blood pressure, enhancing the immune system and much more. Practising relaxation is like becoming your own physician as both mind and body are soothed and healed by its potency.


Try one of these 5 minute relaxation journeys and watch how quickly you can become more calm and reflective in your outlook….


All you have to do is breath…. slowly…. and think kind thoughts…



Be still, listen and relax…. It’s time to just be….



Practice the art of silent reflection….



Practice, patience and perseverance are the keys to a successful mind and life….



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