Synergy was first published in 2014 and is the final book in a trilogy, which includes Science, the New God? (2009) and Antiquity Comes Full Circle (2012).  This series provides a rationale for The Reach Approach, helping interested parties better understand how this model was built and why.  To do this justice, it was necessary to take a closer look at all those topics that make up the human experience, such as the sciences, philosophy, geography, mathematics and history.  The premise of the author is until we understand our history, we are unlikely to understand how we got ‘here’ and what we need to do to get ‘there’.


Easton Hamilton also explains why a siloed approach when treating the human condition is never going to provide us with an antidote for our modern ailments.  We are multidimensional beings and need solutions that address those different dimensions.


Synergy: a cure for all ills has successfully carried its message around the world, having attracted overwhelming interest from individuals, institutions, researchers and various organisations, and so by popular demand it is soon to be available as an audio book (Spring 2022).


Below is an extract from Chapter 3, which will provide you with a taste of what’s to come.


A heartfelt thanks goes out to Elaine Jackson (one of our senior partners) who has spent countless hours, over many months, recording the book and bringing its messages to life, with her kind, gentle, dulcet tones.  And a special thanks also to Gareth Williams for spending many, many hours editing and engineering all 10 chapters… we are truly grateful for his craftsmanship.





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