Due to our substantial expansion in the UK and overseas over the last 15 years, we began our franchise scheme in 2014, which has been known as The Reach Associate Programme.  As of May 2022, it has been renamed The Reach Network (TRN).  We’ve decided that this is a more appropriate name as it better describes the growing community of counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists, coaches and holistic practitioners, who are working collaboratively, using The Reach Approach as their primary modality.



Reach began in 1990 (after more than a decade of client-based research) and the therapeutic model we’ve developed has come to be known as The Reach Approach.  At our core we are synergists, integrating mind, body, spirit and environment, as we believe this is essential to the therapeutic process.  In our experience it is extremely difficult to find sustainable solutions for our ailments without addressing the needs of all four aspects.  The effectiveness of our therapeutic approach is well demonstrated through the tens of thousands of clinical hours we have accrued, working with every problem and difficulty that humans face.



Our model reflects both the practice based evidence (the knowledge and data acquired from our face to face experience), as well as the evidence based practice (considered to be the gold standard of research).  Over the last 40 years we have used both to interrogate the validity of our philosophy and approach.  We don’t accept that evidence based practice has a monopoly on the facts because practice based evidence makes an invaluable contribution to our understanding of the human condition.  We believe a combination of both disciplines gives us the best assessment platform.  A tour around our website will illustrate our integration of both approaches.   We have built a psycho-educational model, respecting the value of both these perspectives, which not only helps the client in the room, but supports them in between sessions and offers them a template that they can eventually use beyond therapy.



We believe miracles are made, but those miracles cannot be attained without understanding and applying the maxim: knowledge + application = personal power.  Our model is valued and respected because of its effectiveness, and the vast number of clients who continue to turn up at our many doors are proof of its merits.



The Reach Training School

From our inception we have run courses which include one-day and weekend workshops, and longer personal development programmes, over a number of weeks and months.  The Reach Training School (RTS) was officially launched in 2001 and our courses have been accredited and/or endorsed by various bodies since 2014.  These include The NCIP (National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists), The CMA (The Complementary Medical Association) and The NCS (The National Counselling Society). Since 2014 we have been running three postgraduate training courses, which are unique to us.  The depth and breadth of these courses are unrivalled.  If you take a look at the course syllabuses you will see that what we offer, both in terms of coaching and psychotherapy, is very different from what’s out there, because our courses highlight the flaws of the siloed approach, and advocate synergy as the necessary therapeutic strategy for the modern age.



The New Structure

The Reach Network pulls together our therapeutic work (The Reach Approach) and the training we’ve been offering in various guises, under The Reach Training School.  The diagram below offers a visual representation of the Reach structure.  At the top of the diagram is the Senior Management Team (SMT), which oversees all the activities of Reach. The SMT, through the management and supervision structure, ensures the Reach ethos and philosophy run through the whole practice.  In addition, the SMT oversees the running of the Reach Training School, The Reach Network and The Reach Approach.





The primary administrative functions of The Reach Network are overseen by the Reach Network Officer (RNO).  The RNO also is involved with the overseas student programme and how the network relates to the The Reach Approach.



The activities of The Reach Training School are overseen by the head of the training school (HTS).  RTS has 4 main areas of focus, the postgraduate certificate in coaching (Coaching Plus), the postgraduate certificate/diploma in holistic and integrative psychotherapy (HIP), other workshops and training, which include online programmes, and finally, our overseas student programme.   Those who graduate from our training programmes are then eligible to become either affiliates or associates of Reach, if they meet the required standard.  This will be decided by the head of the training school and the relevant tutor, in conjunction with the senior management team.



Associates and Affiliates

Those who become associates are required to pay a small buy-in fee and sign a franchise agreement to become part of The Reach Network.  They will also have to pay a very modest monthly franchise fee for the lifetime of their involvement (for more details on all this, please contact The Reach Network Officer, Donella Caubo, at:



The associates are key participants in the network and are all passionate advocates of The Reach Approach; not only are they making a financial contribution, many of the associates, although this is not a requirement, are involved in our wider activities.  This is particularly the case with our overseas associates, who are often pioneers of our work in their respective countries.  Affiliates include practitioners from a wide variety of disciplines, who are on the periphery of the network, nevertheless they are making a positive contribution in their chosen fields, using our work where appropriate.



Affiliates, like the associates, are supervised by someone senior within Reach, which forms the basis of their relationship to The Reach Approach.  This supervision and support ensure our approach continues to be delivered to clients and the wider public in the best way, which is how we’ve been able to maintain the quality and standards we have held dear for over 30 years.  As affiliates have not historically been key members in our network, they are not expected under the scheme to pay the full franchise fee, unless their use and implementation of The Reach Approach increases.  A special agreement has been formulated for the affiliates and they will be expected to pay a nominal fee.  Again for those who are interested and want more details please contact The Reach Network Officer.




Under The Reach Approach, are the partners, who, take their direction from the SMT, and are the main figures involved in the day to day running and development of the organisation. They hold key roles such as: overseeing our GDPR policy, managing compliance and dealing with complaints, conducting research, all to ensure we maintain the highest standards and best practice, coordinating and facilitating our training programmes and running seminars and workshops on a variety of themes.  The partners, along with the senior management team, have been the major contributors to our larger financial projects, which is why we have for years been able to offer so many of our resources for free, or heavily subsidised.




Despite the changes we have recently undergone, the day-to-day running of Reach will continue as it has done for more than three decades.  Our principle before profit approach will continue to underpin all our endeavours.  For those who want to better understand our ethical and fiscal approach to private practice, please read the following items:  Principle Before Profit, A Conscience Driven Approach and Prompt Payment Request



Below is a list of the key positions within The Reach Network and the individuals who are fulfilling those roles.  If you have a question or concern about a particular area or aspect of the network’s activities, please feel free to contact the appropriate person, who will be happy to help you.  We’ve linked each person to their profile for ease of contact.




Key Roles

Senior Management Team

Easton Hamilton (Director)

Jo Kilburn (Assistant Director)

Elaine Jackson (Senior Partner)

Judith Madeley (Senior Partner)

Donella Caubo (Senior Partner)

Tracy Falconer (EA to the Director and Referral Officer)


Head of Training School

Jo Kilburn


Reach Network Officer

Donella caubo


Research Officer

Lisa Shapter


Training Team and Assessors

Alison Mytton

Lisa Shapter

Elaine Jackson

Judith Madeley

Donella Caubo

Jo Kilburn (Internal Verifier)

Easton Hamilton (Internal Verifier)


Coaching Plus Coordinator

Sat Panesar


Creative Director

Earl Hamilton



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