The current climate of personal development and uplifting of the human spirit seems to be offering a plethora of magical solutions. The fact that more and more of us are beginning to look inside rather than outside for our solutions is wonderful. Unless we turn within we will continue to be run ragged by the rat race of the 21st century. Most of our answers are to be found in inner space, not outer space.


Unfortunately, the expansion of consciousness that is unquestionably taking place has also brought with it a worrying trend, which is the idea that little effort is required in order to achieve our goals. The growing culture of concepts that appear to offer a ‘quick fix’ is worrying, as they seem to suggest that anything that doesn’t generate results quickly should somehow be viewed with some scepticism. Although there is undoubtedly for some people and some issues a quick fix, the idea that all problems regardless of their origins can be resolved with a few simple ‘techniques’ we believe laughs mockingly in the face of wisdom. The quick fix culture is a symptom of our ‘immediate’ society – everything has to be delivered now. This immediate expectation that hovers in the air is increasingly being practised in all walks of life but at what price? Our experience and belief is that quality, conscience, compassion and humanity are dying a death on the pyre of ‘I must have it now’. So much therapy especially over the last ten to fifteen years has bent itself out of shape to fit with this demand.


This is not an advert or a promotion for long-term work. On the contrary, it’s a request to work with nature and time and not against them! Personal development and therapeutic work, whatever its complexion ought to follow the rule, ‘it takes as long as it takes’. There is no official end date that is agreed at the start and must be met by any means necessary. This approach to complete things according to the method rather than the method fitting the person does a lot of damage. It leaves individuals feeling they have failed when they can’t fit the structure and specifications they’ve been given.


It’s time to understand that if what we want are sustainable solutions that work tirelessly for our well being then we need a set of non-negotiables. Non-negotiables are those activities that create health. They are ‘life-givers’. They serve up health again and again. If we would only worship at their alter, all our prayers would be answered. This handout is best read in conjunction with The Story of Health series where examples of the non-negotiables can be found. In essence the four key areas (mind, body, spirit and environment) need equal attention and we need to create a set of non-negotiables for each. These non-negotiables are promises to ourselves, promises we do not break because their promise to us is stability, peace and happiness, whatever life serves up.


It’s time to realise quick fixes rarely last. The solutions are more often found in lifelong pledges to the self, underpinned by activities that travel and grow with you, adapting to meet your needs. There are many such activities (see: Creative Visualistion, Focusing with Faith, Personal Prayer 1 & 2, Forgiveness and Gratitude 1 &2, The Power of Thank You).


So take some time now to look at your life, where are you going wrong? What’s missing? What could you do differently or better? As the answers become clear formulate a strategy that addresses the deficiencies and put in place those things that will help re-build your life… it’s time to make a deal with your heart, it’s time to be non-negotiable in your pursuit of happiness.


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