In this well made and fascinating documentary, the viewer is introduced to some critical truths about food.  The documentary proceeds to shatter some of the myths around fat, sugar, artificial colours and sweeteners, and exposes the nutritional void that exists in many of our foods.


Over the years we have written extensively about the absence of nutrients in food and the unfortunate need for supplementation as a result.  We’ve also stated that although supplementation is necessary, it is in no way the antidote for all our ills.  We have to start by eating the best possible food available to us and seek to address any nutritional deficiencies through supplementation.


However, physical health cannot be completely met by fulfilling the needs of the body (see: The Story of Health).  Our physical health is also influenced by what’s going on in our minds and when we are stressed, the overproduction of cortisol and epinephrine undermine the physical gains we are making through good diet and nutrition.  This is because these stress hormones, through their over production, cause chemical and biological confusion, which in turn keep the body in a state of fight or flight.  The fight or flight position maintains a level of underlying anxiety which eventually creates adrenal exhaustion leaving us feeling physically tired, our moods are flattened, our outlook distorted and the vicious cycle continues.


Eventually, we find ourselves with a poor self-image, which fosters a lack of self-care and a lack of self-love.  This is how we then maintain poor food choices, inadequate hydration, insufficient exercise, poor quality sleep – all because somewhere inside of us is the notion that we are not valuable and worthy of the best that life has to offer.  This documentary offers some valuable insights that will hopefully encourage you to make better choices.


It’s not necessary to purchase the full video unless of course you want to, the excerpts below are sufficient for a call to action.  So take your life into your own hands and pursue health and wellbeing with a passion.





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