Breathing is one of the many things we take for granted and yet it holds so many of the secrets to optimum health. For thousands of years the teachers of yoga and those who have tried to master the mind have realised the great gift of breathing and have sought to understand its power and then master it. Those who have harnessed its power have gone on to achieve amazing things both with their minds and bodies….

Here is your chance to learn some of the basics of relaxed breathing and develop the art of mental poise and self control. The more you master ‘breath work’ the more anxiety, doubt, shame and fear will subside. Practise it regularly and you will be surprised how quickly your mind and senses come beautifully under your control (see: The 3 P’s and Breath therapy on the resources page). First listen to the introduction and then try to implement some of the basic principles of breathing.

This is another very powerful way to persuade the body and shape the mind….



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