Reach was founded in 1990 and continues to be a successful private practice, which began in Birmingham, UK, and initially extended its influence across the Midlands. In the last fifteen years, it has also expanded to other parts of the country and overseas.


Those who have been following our work can see that we have developed a huge range of resources, which includes: numerous videos, well over two hundred audio recordings in different formats and we also have several hundred handouts, worksheets and other written materials – and in each of these areas the expansion of what we offer continues.


We are an experienced and committed group of therapists with tens of thousands of hours working on the ‘front line’. Our clinical experience is vast and the range and diversity of clients that we have worked with is substantial.


The positive feedback we receive daily, through Facebook, Twitter but especially via emails and YouTube, has exceeded any expectations we could have had. Our work is genuinely helping to change lives all over the world and we hope to continue making a positive difference. Our Reach Associate Programme (RAP) – formerly known as The Reach Franchise Scheme, is an opportunity for counsellors and therapists to join us in this endeavour.  If you want to be part of something truly rewarding and exciting, then please read on….


Overseas Collaborations

Alongside the national developments, there has also been a growing overseas interest in our work, with the take-up of our resources, materials and some of our services, in over 150 countries. We have several thousand downloads a day of our written and audio-visual materials, via YouTube, our 5 websites and Bandcamp.


Amongst our overseas initiatives we have collaborations with a range of like-minded individuals and interested parities who are working with us to translate our work into: Portuguese, French, Spanish, Hindi, German, Urdu, Italian, Czech and Dutch. Some examples of these translations are already out there for public consumption (see: our YouTube channel,  Bandcamp and Happy Hints) whilst others are currently under development.


Principle Before Profit

Reach is truly a unique organization that from its conception has been breaking down barriers and crossing frontiers. Our slogan is ‘Principle Before Profit’. This has guided all our activities, which is why most of our materials are free, and where we charge for what we do, the costs are always modest. This philosophy will never change!


We specialize in offering sustainable solutions… solutions that last. Isn’t it better, rather than providing someone with a meal, to teach him/her how to cook? This is what we mean by sustainable solutions – providing individuals with the skills to maintain their progress and to continue growing in their chosen ways.


We are looking for therapists who share our vision and principles and are keen to enhance their knowledge and skills.


Miracles Are Made

Our model however is realistic. We don’t promise instant and immediate recovery. What we do is not magic… it is however magical.


What we promise is that if clients do the work, with the support and resources we offer, they will reach their desired destination.


We promise to equip those who undertake our training programmes with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver the sustainable solutions we passionately believe in.


Our approach has been built on extensive research, spanning the last 25 centuries and more. We have married together concepts such as cognitive neuroscience with the original auyervedic principles. We’ve pulled together different strands of philosophy and integrated them in a way that’s relevant for the 21st century. We’ve developed a simple and accessible mind-body approach, built on the latest in epigenetics, orthomolecular medicine, neurotheology and a range of other disciplines.


We’ve recognized the incredible contribution of metaphysics and properly positioned it again within the human story, pulling together the work of some of the great scientists and philosophers, from outside of the psychological arena, such as: Lao Tzu, Confucius, Buddha, Plato, Rãbi’a, Socrates, Hippocrates, Rumi, Descartes, Newton and then more recently, Einstein, Ghandhi, Ramachandran, Bolte, Lipton, Pert… the list goes on.


We believe that talking therapy has become too inward looking, drawing only from its own reservoir of understanding and research and as a result limiting the impact of psychological interventions.


As you delve more and more into our model you’ll find a spirit of co-operation beating at the heart of it. Our research and experience has taught us that without synergy our attempts to truly mend the mind, body and spirit will continually be undermined.


If you’re a practitioner, involved in the ‘talking therapies’, and are interested in joining us in this silent revolution, then the Reach Associates Programme could be for you.


For more details about this wonderful new scheme, please click here.