We’ve produced this simple diagram to show that there are 5 main areas that one needs to embrace in order to best understand our approach.  Our whole model can be understood by developing a proper appreciation of these 5 topics.  Each subject does in fact stand alone.  However, without understanding their relationship to one another one could easily fall into the trap of believing that any one subject area has all the answers. One cannot grasp both the enormity and simplicity of the issues pertaining to the human condition until the whole has been properly understood.


Our hypothesis is simple…. synergy is the answer; the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  One can never truly understand anything by only looking at part of it.  This is why our model embraces mind, body, spirit and environment as these are the primary components that underpin and shape the human experience…. The rest is detail and although valuable can distract us from what’s really important.


As the diagram shows, The Story of Health is the centrepiece and everything about the human story can be appreciated and understood by delving deeper into this one concept. The more one understands the seed, the greater the appreciation of the tree. However, N.O.S.E., Persuading The Body, The Three Aspects of Consciousness and All You Need To Know are all natural extensions of The Story of Health, each developing a particular strand to a much deeper level.  Their relationship to one another also helps us to better understand the whole.  By clicking on each link (below) you can read more about the different topics.  We’re sure you’ll be fascinated and intrigued by their depth but we hope even more than that you’ll be seduced by the beauty of synergy and the overlapping nature of truth.


A Brief Overview

THE STORY OF HEALTH – the secret to health is to understand the undermining nature of disease. Until we understand how disease is constructed and evolves, it is difficult to understand what needs to be done to achieve health. The two are always intertwined. However, health is not merely the absence of disease, it is the art of living optimally. The Story of Health clearly shows how we can claim this prize.


N.O.S.E. – is a simple and beautiful method for resolving those patterns and issues that keep disrupting your life. Anything you haven’t resolved continues to define you moment by moment. It’s easy to say one must live in the now but how can you truly be anchored in the present if your past continues to sit on your shoulder, influencing your choices, decisions, moods, attitudes and relationships? N.O.S.E. will show you how.


PERSUADING THE BODY – is a journey of respect for matter, starting with our bodies. We are so busy neglecting our environments and the material world, failing to see the connection between our world and our own well-being. Persuading the body offers you the opportunity to reinstate balance and peace in both mind and body. It will help you to understand that once you meet your body’s needs, the needs of the mind are more easily met.


THE 3 ASPECTS OF CONSCIOUSNESS – is a unique view on the anatomy of consciousness. It illuminates the primary dynamics that underpin the internal politics of the self, offering invaluable insights into both the self and others. It clarifies why we repeatedly fall foul of the same patterns, habits, moods and perceptions and why the change that we seek eludes us. This is a ‘mind-map’ that can enable us to attain the destiny of our choice.


ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW – knowledge + application = personal power. It’s not what you know that counts… it’s what you do! Theory is useless without application. All You Need to Know is a promise that if you consistently apply what you know then all the mysteries of the self and of your life will be unveiled. This topic demystifies the whole subject of personal growth by showing how and why we keep relapsing and what we need to do to achieve and sustain peace of mind and that beautiful sense of fulfillment.


The first step is to take time to really study, reflect on and consider each topic before moving onto the next one. Look for the synergistic links. You will discover a beautiful interconnectedness between these subjects if you take the time to bathe in their messages. Really become a student of these 5 areas and you’ll be in awe of their countless insights. Enjoy…..


“Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside wakes.”

Carl Jung (1875 – 1961)



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