We… Not Just Me, is our new slogan for our old concept… Asking for Nothing and Receiving Everything. It is a principle that reminds us that we can be made whole and well simply by helping others.


For those unfamiliar with the Asking for Nothing concept, this is an invitation for you to become part of a benevolent movement, where instead of focusing on what’s wrong for you and what you need, you turn your attention to those who are equally in dire straits and to those whose needs are even greater than yours.


It’s important to understand that by putting others before ourselves we too are helped with our own challenges and predicaments. The We… Not Just Me philosophy is an opportunity to experience in action that charity really is good for the soul, and benevolence is a healing balm like no other. It embodies care, empathy, and compassion and encourages a spirit of philanthropy.


We… Not Just Me is a very simple and powerful way to underline the need for a greater social conscience. We’re now living in a world and a time where ‘me-ism’ reigns supreme. Individualism dominates the landscape. Much of what is considered important focuses on the individual. We are so concerned with our own needs that self-interest and selfishness are the new norms of our time.


Our political systems talk of the need for a collective consciousness and yet the world is increasingly divided on philosophical, material and economic lines. Countries and continents act in their own self-interests, parading the virtues of their own ideologies and cultures, whilst showing greater intolerance for that which is different. Sadly, the acquisition of power, status, kudos, fame and fortune seem to matter more than the acquisition of virtues, personal development, character and enlightenment.


It’s now more important to be famous than to be a person of substance with the right values and principles. It’s more important to be wealthy than to be someone who is full of integrity, whose cup of kindness, love and respect is overflowing.


The pursuit of the materialistic and the physical, whilst ignoring the importance of a social conscience, is an unsustainable position. We cannot hope to live in a better world when we’re busy pursuing our own path with little concern for the consequences of our decisions, choices and actions.


What we do does not simply affect the piece of land we stand upon, or the moment in time we occupy, it affects the whole planet and every other moment that follows. The idea that we are islands that should only be concerned about our own community and world view is making us less kind and more blind. It’s time to see the bigger picture. We need to pursue a more principled path.


To be rich is to have a heart full of kindness, compassion, patience and joy. To be rich is to want for your fellow humans what you want for yourself. We should be dissatisfied with a world that does not treat all equally. To be rich is to care for the planet and all its inhabitants, to find ways to enhance our own environment whilst causing no harm.


Wealth is not about the acquisition of property and things, it’s about peace of mind, an inner contentment that never diminishes. It is sustained by living in the right way and supporting others in doing so. If fame is important to you, become famous for these things.


If you want kudos and status, let those positions be acquired because you extol the highest values… and exhibit them in your own life. Let it be because you put others’ needs ahead of your own and not by neglecting yourself because there is no virtue in that, but by recognising that to elevate another is to help not just the individual in that moment but all generations to come.


Putting others ahead of yourself when you have the right consciousness automatically elevates you. You don’t need to ask for it, you don’t even need to desire it, that’s the way the cause and effect universe works. If you give sorrow, you will receive it. If you give happiness then only happiness can turn up at your door.


We… Not Just Me is not just a shift in attitude and perspective, it requires a more permanent shift in consciousness. It’s a request for a cultural change that starts from the bottom and works its way up. We need to stop looking for solutions elsewhere, expecting leaders and governments to bring about the changes we most seek. We need to become leaders of our own inner governments first. Until we become the leaders of our own minds then we unwittingly remain part of the problem.


So, find both small and significant ways to become part of this cultural change. Spread the message of We… Not Just Me wherever you can. Invite others to find their solutions by performing many acts of kindness, by reaching out to those in need… to give without counting. But don’t expect this of others, before you have implemented it yourself.


Remember charity does not equal self-neglect, so self-care is very much part of the picture. It’s self-absorption that needs to be avoided. Preoccupation with ourselves and our own problems does not help us to find the best solutions – we are more likely to generate anxiety and fear and make the wrong decisions and choices. Sometimes the healthy distraction of helping another can mirror back to us what we need to do for ourselves.


We hope you will join us in promoting this powerful, life-changing principle. Asking for Nothing and Receiving Everything has been rippling its message across the world and millions have embraced this beautiful ideology. Let’s see if we can get millions more to join us in this silent revolution.


So, strike a balance between self-care and benevolence and you’ll discover that everybody wins in a charitable world.



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