Coaching Plus is a new and original therapeutic intervention devised by Reach. It is, as the name suggests, based on the principles of coaching, but the ‘Plus’ underlines the fact that we are bringing something different and we dare to say better, to the world of coaching.


Those of you familiar with our philosophy will know that our starting premise is that to truly fix the presenting problem, one needs to understand and address the underlying causes. The culture of immediacy has led to a ‘must have it now’ attitude, which unfortunately has even found its way into the arena of health/mental health. The reality however is that to achieve robust health often takes time and patience… it cannot be rushed. And so our ‘must have it now’ approach simply doesn’t work. If we try to force change, rarely is the full potential of that change delivered.  In addition, one is unlikely to achieve a sustainable solution


We believe, as mental health professionals and those specialising in self-improvement, that we should be honest with clients, service users and those seeking help in whatever form, and let them know that the best help often ‘takes as long as it takes’. There isn’t a formula that fits everyone and every situation. Help needs to be personalised and although there are some generic principles that do apply, these nearly always need some individual modification.


It’s fine to provide short term interventions as they do have a place on the helping continuum. In fact, some people only ever want the ‘first aid’ approach, either because they are not ready for anything more or they don’t have the time, energy or inclination, or because they feel, ‘that will do for now’. So as long as its made clear that the results are not necessarily sustainable, then the individual can make an informed choice. We are not saying that some short term interventions by themselves do not work because we know from our own experience that they can do, but they certainly are not a panacea. This is why we wanted to develop a coaching programme with a difference – a marriage between short term work and sustainable options.


Coaching Plus is for those who are not looking for counselling or psychotherapy, and so are leaning towards a shorter term intervention, however, they still want that intervention to offer some sustainability. Who amongst us wants a solution today that’s gone tomorrow?


The coaches who undertake our training programme will be expected to have a background in coaching or a relevant field.


The ‘Plus’ bit of our training programme is built around The Story of Health – our simple yet comprehensive model embracing the four main aspects of the human story – mind, body, spirit and environment.


The postgraduate certificate in coaching (Coaching Plus) is a unique course (accredited by the National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists (NCIP) and the Complementary Medical Association (CMA), combining traditional coaching with the primary elements of psychology, nutrition, spirituality and environmental principles, leading to a more integrative and holistic form of help.  In addition, this course has been awarded Quality Checked Training Recognition by The National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society (NCPS).


If you are interested in Coaching Plus, you can either contact us at: or contact the Head of Training.



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