This meditation summarises The Reach Approach philosophy in a simple phrase – knowledge plus application leads to everything. In order to become your very best self and to fulfil your reason for being here, you need to consistently apply in your life what you know has brought you benefit. ‘Knowing’ something doesn’t give us power and is not sufficient for us to make it to our desired destination.


In this meditation you are invited to recite a number of mantras that will help gently take you into trance. Trance is simply a daydreaming state, which acts as a drawbridge between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, giving us access to incredible transformation.


It’s important not just to say the phrases but to immerse yourself in their meaning. The more sincere our recitals are, the more we’re transported beyond the body, time and space. Meditation is a transcendental experience that is determined by the sincerity of our practice. So try and feel your way through this simple but profound journey.


We hope you enjoy the excursion.



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