1. Desire – in order to create a disciplined mind one has to have the sincere desire for wholeness and wellbeing. Such a burning desire is essential for growth. Discipline cannot be achieved without this mindset.


2. Vision – once the desire is truly in place one needs to know where one is going. Without a clear vision there is nowhere to focus one’s efforts, and without clarity and focus the destination simply cannot be reached.


3. Concentration – concentration at its best is a healthy obsession, where the individual is relentlessly focused on their goal. Their mind is unwavering in its focus and such a mind never fails. This is the attitude you need to succeed.


4. Application – without application of knowledge, knowledge simply becomes a burden. It is not enough to know what needs to be done, in the end only action counts! A mind that is repeatedly focused on where it is going is propelled into action.


5. Power – knowledge plus application equals personal power. This is the key that unlocks the discipline dilemma; it is the key to success. This personal power is not power over anyone else; it is self-mastery, which gives rise to self-control, compassion and integrity. This in turn leads to a kind, discerning mind filled with pure desires and good intentions. Such a mind is happy and successful in all its dealings.


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