N.O.S.E. 2




To name ‘it’ means to take the first step towards your solution.
To name ‘it’ means no longer hiding behind excuses, justifications, blame or victimhood.
To name ‘it’ means understanding real power is found in facing the truth about yourself.
To name ‘it’ means to turn and face the darkness in the knowledge that you’ll in fact find your light.
To name ‘it’ means to no longer hide behind your position, role, status or relationships.
To name ‘it’ means looking into the mirror of your behaviour and see what is staring back.
To name ‘it’ means being still and listening to the songs of your own heart.


To own ‘it’ means taking responsibility for who you are and where you are in life.
To own ‘it’ means finding the courage and the honesty to fully ‘embrace’ the truth about yourself.
To own ‘it’ means no longer deceiving yourself or needing to blame others for your shortcomings.
To own ‘it’ means to stop beating the drum of denial and self-righteousness.
To own ‘it’ means having enough compassion in your heart not to condemn yourself.
To own ‘it’ means to understand that what you’ve done is not who you are!
To own ‘it’ means to cut the umbilical cord attaching you to your anger, pain and hurt.


To surrender ‘it’ means having faced your demons, you realise you can now be free of their influence.
To surrender ‘it’ means forgiving yourself for your mistakes and affording others that compassion.
To surrender ‘it’ means letting go of anxiety, doubt and fear with joy in your heart.
To surrender ‘it’ means having found your beauty, never letting it go.
To surrender ‘it’ means flying fearlessly with wings of honesty and courage in all situations.
To surrender ‘it’ means a life-long kindness and compassion for yourself and others is born.
To surrender ‘it’ means having found you, remaining true to yourself, your beliefs and principles.


Empowerment means having given birth to yourself, a fresh start, a new beginning.
Empowerment means being comfortable in your own skin, truly content with who you are.
Empowerment means all blocks are removed so you live your life transparently.
Empowerment means remembering you are indeed your own best friend.
Empowerment means always meeting your own needs and encouraging others to do the same.
Empowerment means remaining true to yourself and fulfilling your life’s purpose.
Empowerment means living far beyond the stagnant waters of shame, guilt, fear, doubt and regret.



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