We are extremely pleased to announce that the name Reach is now a European trademark!



This means all the intellectual property that has been created under the name Reach (in whatever form it exists) is protected right across Europe.  In other words, when examined by all the 27 European countries in the EU, there was no individual, institution or organisation able to challenge our work for its originality in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry, counselling, coaching and mental health.



Although we know that The Reach Approach is unrivalled in its synergistic message, because there is no therapeutic model in the world that offers our depth and diversity, the reason for undertaking this process is to protect what has been created, because pretty much every week we come across someone/organisation plagiarising our work, trying to rebrand it as their own – often adapting and changing the message in the process.  We know these incursions are never going to stop, however the European Trademark at least gives us some teeth, which, if necessary, means we can use it to protect our intellectual property and brand.



The lawyers involved in helping us with this process have underlined that this is an incredible achievement for an organisation of our size.  The European Trademark is an acknowledgement that we have a model/approach that successfully weaves together the past with the present, science with spirituality, the mind and the body, and a whole range of seemingly divergent disciplines creating a comprehensive and coherent philosophy that is helping to change hearts and minds around the globe.