The secret to health is the removal of waste. This simple, deep principle applies to all levels of our lives, mind, body, spirit and environment. When considering the concept of waste we should look in all four areas for if waste remains in any one area that waste will weaken the others. For example, if you have made endeavours to remove waste at the spiritual, physical and environmental levels of your life, yet your mind remains polluted in some way, then whatever progress you have made in the other three, will be eroded over time as the waste from your mind spreads its negative influence, slowly re-contaminating your body, spirit and environment. This concept of waste weakening the self needs to be understood on all levels if self-transformation is to be achieved and maintained. So how do you detoxify mind, body, spirit and environment?


To detoxify the mind one needs to walk the path of forgiveness, appreciation and gratitude. The more you can forgive yourself and others the more the waste, the poison of the past, drains away and is therefore unable to keep you stuck and stagnating in its stench. The more you appreciate and show gratitude for your life, squeezing every drop of benefit out of each moment, the more your mind becomes clean, clear and content. This is the quickest way to remove waste from the mind.


To detoxify the body, one needs a balanced, diverse diet, copious amounts of water, good vitamin and mineral supplementation, restorative sleep and an exercise regimen that matches one’s lifestyle. When all these biological necessities are brought together as a synergistic force in one’s life then waste is removed and new energy is conceived. Your body provides you with the opportunity to express your potential so give it the respect it deserves.


Detoxifying the spirit is about honouring your heart, it’s about removing contradictions and incongruity. It is to live in a sincere, kind and noble way, treating others as you would wish to be treated. This is called living divinely Those who live in a divine way have no room in their hearts for waste and because they are free of that poison, are able to be happy and positive. As a result, they have the endurance, insight and creativity to find a solution, whatever life may present.


Detoxifying one’s environment takes on many forms but in the first instance it is about making your home, your immediate environment, a sanctuary. A place you can retreat to, a place in which you are preserved and able to recuperate in order that you always have what you need to face the world. To make your physical environment into a sanctuary you need to remove all those things that are not necessary, things that are not needed but simply accumulated and acquired for their own sake or out of habit or fear which means you hold on to things even when they are no longer useful.


This is a brief summary outlining what it means to detoxify mind, body, spirit and environment. If you are serious about positive change then you will make time to form a realistic plan to address waste in all four areas (see: Spirit, Mind and Body Plan). It is not a question of trying to engineer a positive outcome overnight. That simply won’t happen. This is a journey of patience and consistent application. The road to recovery and well-being is not about quick fixes, it’s about sustainable solutions which take time to achieve. So be kind to yourself and patiently apply these positive principles and many little wonders will start gracing your life.



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