Since our inception in 1990 we have run a variety of courses, which include one-day and weekend workshops, and longer personal development programmes, over a number of weeks and months.  Our training has covered a multitude of topics, such as the role of cognitive neuroscience in mental health, the power of diet and supplementation to facilitate positive change, understanding the role of psychoneuroimmunology and epigenetics and how these sciences explain so much of human behaviour.  Other training has included the role and importance of self-care, the keys to personal growth, introspective practices and the centrepiece of our model, The Story of Health.


The Reach Training School (RTS) was officially launched in 2001 and our courses have been accredited and/or endorsed by various governing bodies since 2014.  These include The NCIP (National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists), The CMA (The Complementary Medical Association) and The NCPS (The National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society).


We have successfully run levels 2, 3 and 4 counselling/psychotherapy courses for a number of years but we decided in 2021 to suspend them, because there are numerous training institutions offering these undergraduate options, and given the uniqueness of our postgraduate training programme, we decided we’d make those courses the focus of our training school.


The depth and breadth of our postgraduate training is unrivalled. If you take a look at the course syllabuses you will see that what we offer, both in terms of coaching and psychotherapy, is very different from what’s available elsewhere.  This is because our courses recognise the limitations of a siloed way of working – as we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach.  We advocate and promote synergy as a necessary therapeutic strategy for the modern age.


To find out more about our training school and what we offer, or to make an application, please contact the head of the training school, Jo Kilburn at: or enquiries@thereachapproach.