Lauren is an intelligent, warm and tenacious spirit.  Her work ethic and commitment to the cause have been exceptional.  Anyone lucky enough to take the journey with her will find she is giving, passionate and unwavering in her support.  She is very special indeed.


So, we wholeheartedly welcome and recommend Lauren as a Reach associate.  She undertook her own personal journey, then her training with courage, honesty and huge commitment.  These attributes, together with her patience and kindness, she freely shares with her clients.


Lauren said that The Reach Approach had changed her life, and this, in turn, caused her to want to facilitate others in finding their truth and healing.  She has certainly remained true to her word.


Here is what Lauren has to say…

Hi! I’m Lauren and my journey with Reach began over 10 years ago.  Prior to Reach I didn’t really understand or think counselling was valuable.  It wasn’t until life presented me with my own challenges that I sought support.  When I came across Reach I didn’t know what to expect but I just wanted to heal.  I had no idea that the journey I was about to go on would not only heal me, but transform my life and my personal development.  I learnt that Reach is much more than counselling… and certainly felt that impact in all aspects of my life.


After completing counselling with Reach I went on to work in other fields, including law and marketing.  However, it didn’t matter where I went, something was always pulling me back to The Reach Approach and I continued to feed that passion by reading a lot of Reach’s website! – and engaging in counselling training, initially to help me in my work and maintain the understanding and learning I had gained.


After that undergraduate training, I realised my passion was only growing, and so I went on to study on the Postgraduate Diploma in Holistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (HIP).  After successfully graduating from this course I knew this was what I was born to do.  I’ve been in private practice since, working as an associate of Reach.


Going from not valuing counselling to now being a huge advocate, reflects the journey I’ve been on.  I now want to help you on your own journey, to not just heal from whatever brings you to my door, but to live optimally and sustain good health.


I look forward to welcoming you!


I am based in Warwickshire.


Contact details

Telephone 07793089032


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