Estelle is a kind and intelligent individual who can be trusted to walk alongside her clients, as she always ‘turns up’ and gives the best of herself.


She has embraced the Reach philosophy wholeheartedly, both in her training and previously in her personal journey, and brings all of her beautiful attributes to each part of the process.


You will see from her bio that she has worked extensively, and over a considerable number of years with individuals who often find themselves marginalised in our society; and her understanding and compassion embraces them all.


She has a burning passion for this work, and a natural aptitude, which makes her a safe harbour for those who are looking for refuge and resolution.  Estelle has a warm, generous personality, with a zest for life, and her enthusiasm is infectious.  Above all, she has a lovely heart!



Here’s what Estelle has to say…

When I found the Reach Approach I instinctively and intuitively knew it was right for me.


I felt it through my whole body… with my head and with my heart.  I was both empowered and humbled by the material and was excited as I learned about myself.  The Reach Approach helped me unravel and make sense of many of my life experiences, particularly the challenges.


Through the process of learning about myself in such a gentle and yet powerful way, I knew I wanted to offer what I experienced to others.  The Reach Approach has given me the solid structure which enables me to do this in a meaningful and lasting way.


To serve has always been my purpose, and for twenty years prior to qualifying as a Reach associate, I had been working closely with individuals supporting their mental health, as well as teaching, training or coaching them to overcome their individual physical, educational and emotional challenges.  I work specifically with young people and adults and have extensive experience of supporting individuals with disabilities.  Being a highly sensitive person I am fortunate as this allows me a deep insight into the needs of individuals on the Autistic spectrum.


I consider working with any individual in such an intimate way to be a great privilege.  Being trusted to walk alongside a person as they face their challenges is humbling.  I am often in awe that they have chosen me to walk with them, continually being inspired and learning myself… I really do love this work!


Contact details

Tel: 07920 198011