We at Reach pride ourselves on our ethical approach to all the services that we offer.   Our slogan, principle before profit, is not a nice catchphrase it’s a commitment that we have made to remain true to our values and principles.


This means treating those we come into contact with, with the dignity and respect that they deserve.  For us it also means ensuring that the remuneration for our services is always fair and reasonable whilst never compromising on quality.


We have always supported those therapists and practitioners who have a similar philosophy to ourselves – and we are now keen to promote and support small and medium sized businesses of all persuasions to play our part in creating a different attitude and culture when dealing with people, especially those in need and who are seeking to grow and flourish.


So in this section you will find a variety of people and companies from every sector – voluntary, statutory, private, charitable, health and the corporate world.


We hope you will find something that meets your needs.