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The coaching arm of our practice is continuing to develop and grow, as we have individuals from various backgrounds training with us.  More and more counsellors, coaches and therapists of all persuasions are recognising that a more integrated response is needed when working with the human condition.  Otherwise we’re in danger of treating symptoms whilst the underlying causes continue to do damage.


The form of coaching we are offering is described as ‘Coaching Plus’, because those undertaking our postgraduate training have trained as coaches elsewhere but have come to realise the limitations of working with primarily one modality.


The latest graduate/associate to join our team is Sat Panesar.  Sat has proved very quickly to be passionate about our unique way of working and has successfully embroidered that into his personal and professional life.


He is a wonderful example of The Reach Approach in action, having undergone a huge transformation to reach this point.  Sat has shown great courage and honesty in facing his own shortcomings and continues to do so with enthusiasm and determination.  We have no doubt that those looking to improve their realities and fulfill their potential will be inspired by his infectious style and presentation.



Let’s  hear what Sat himself has to say…

I am a business & lifestyle coach, helping people to reach their potential and be the best they can be by providing a sustainable approach to achieving a healthy work & lifestyle balance. Following my degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Wales, I accrued 25 years business experience within the corporate sector, which included senior management level sales, marketing, business development and technical roles within national and international commercial organisations.


In parallel and later full-time, I have run my own business for more than 10 years as a professional Children’s DJ & Entertainer. I am a versatile and adaptable individual and my other ventures have included experience as a Tennis Coach, Science Presenter, Quiz Master, YouTube Presenter and Podcaster.


I embarked on my own personal growth journey more than 5 years ago with Reach.  Reach has been pivotal in supporting me to achieve my personal transformation in the key areas of body, mind, spirit and environment through its holistic, integrative and person-specific approach, embodied in the core model ‘The Story of Health’, which proved to be and continues to be the template for my journey.


My journey of personal discovery awoke me to the human condition and the truth about myself, this inspired me to want to help other people to find their own sustainable solutions. The Reach methodologies, that have been central to creating sustainable personal growth for me in so many aspects of my life, are integral to my coaching approach, enabling me to provide ‘Coaching Plus’ – a service beyond conventional coaching, since it is underpinned by ‘The Story of Health’ model.


I began my coaching career by informally coaching & mentoring those who showed interest in my significant business & lifestyle changes and exploring their own personal goals and aspirations. I then undertook a Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring at the University of Warwick and subsequently the Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching with Reach, whilst continuing on my own path of further personal development.


My ‘Coaching Plus’ service helps people, for example, to:

• Clarify issues, goals, objectives and aspirations

• Create sustainable solutions

• Develop adaptability

• Gain new perspectives

• Improve confidence and performance

• Improve relationships with others

• Reclaim life’s purpose and direction

• Reduce stress

• Review lifestyle and enhance work-life balance

• Set and protect priorities

• Take personal responsibility for creating positive change


Sat is able to provide coaching in person, via Skype or by phone.  Please feel free to contact him:

Phone/Text: 07855 499 726 Email:



Sat has been my life coach for a number of years now. In that time he has slowly guided me into realising my dreams on a professional basis i.e. that of running my own successful business. Sat first helped me when I was working in academia 4 days a week, a number of years ago. The days dropped year on year and I am now running my own successful tuition business full time. His guidance and encouragement have been a large factor in me achieving my goals.

Sat takes a holistic view on life and made me question my life purpose on a professional level, looking at what was right for me on a number of levels. He provided me with a number of tools, exercises, visualisations and numerous questions, in order for me to know what was fully right for me. The confidence he provided me was immense and he was gently encouraging throughout the process, never imposing his own view point. I would thoroughly recommend Sat. An outstanding coach and mentor!



We have been working with Sat to provide group and individual coaching and mentoring to international students. Sat has provided a wide range of coaching to our students including wellbeing support, dealing with stress and anxiety, exploring the international environment in the UK and interview preparation and practice. Sat is a responsible, proactive and supportive coach. He does his best to understand every student’s needs and support them all the way through difficulties by providing effective coaching face-to-face or via Skype. He is a professional coach who brings positive energy to others. I would highly recommend Sat as a great coach and mentor.

Sherry Xian – Achieve Mentoring