Lucinda has been walking the path of self-improvement for many years.  She began her journey with Reach some 15 years ago.  Lucinda’s great strength has always been her honesty and integrity – and her willingness to look at and embrace her own stuff.  She has been very courageous in this undertaking and continues to be.  Like many of our practitioners she has grown out of her own trauma and pain and found a sense of peace, personal power and clarity – which she actively uses to assist others on their journey.  Lucinda is someone who has fearlessly taken the journey herself and continues to aspire for authenticity in all that she does.  It’s because of her personal attributes and her passion for the Reach philosophy that we are proud she is a part of the silent revolution.


For well over a decade Lucinda has been a great ambassador around the world for Reach’s message, using her musical talents and personal development workshops to champion our synergistic approach… as a consequence, many have found their way to our shores.  As an associate of Reach you can be sure Lucinda will safely guide you along this path with her creative intelligence and caring heart.



Here’s what Lucinda has to say…

Hi, I’m Lucinda Drayton.  I’m an accredited therapist with BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).


I found my way to Reach when the ground underneath my feet gave way.  I had a rude awakening to the simple fact that the years of teaching meditation, the study of many philosophies and my life as a singer-songwriter had not provided me with adequate tools to heal my inner demons.  I needed help, guidance, compassion and sustainable solutions… and I found them in abundance at Reach.


I spent time rebuilding my own house and found the process so fascinating and rewarding (as well as challenging and uncomfortable) that I went on to complete an advanced diploma in integrative therapy – I wanted others to know the freedom I felt.  Because of my passion for Reach’s synergistic model, I then went on to study their Postgraduate Diploma in Holistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (HIP).  I’ve  been in private practice in South London since then (2012).


Accompanying a person as they take back the reins of their life and sitting with them as they identify and face their blocks to happiness is a rare privilege. Being given permission to enter another’s world is an honour which I never take for granted.  Knowing I’m backed up by an extraordinary model of human well-being and rock solid supervision gives me the confidence to be deeply present with each of my clients.  So, if you wish to take a potentially life-changing journey, email or call me and if it feels like I’m the right fit, I’d be honoured to be your ally.


Tel: 07732 856778