Kim has recently become a Reach Associate, having successfully completed our Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma in Holistic and Integrative Psychotherapy.  Over the duration of the course Kim excelled to such an extent that she was one of the most improved students by the end of the course. Throughout her training she was very diligent and focused, juggling the rigours of study with finding a good work/life balance.


We know she will bring the same attitude and commitment to her work with clients.  Kim is a very genuine individual with a warm and approachable personality.  We are confident, given the rate of her development, that she will be an integral part of our team here at Reach.


Here’s what Kim has to say…

Hi, my name is Kim Lennard.  I am an Holistic and Integrative Counsellor and registered member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).


For much of my early career I worked in management, including time as an HR professional.  However, in 2010 I decided to change career.  This was following the death of my father in 2006.  It was after my father’s death that I decided to go to counselling and in turn found the Reach Approach.  Having had experience of other talking therapy prior to working with the Reach Approach I realised how much sense Reach made to me as it worked with all of me, the mind, body, spirit, as well as my environment.  I can honestly say it changed my life.


The investment I made in my own self-development and personal growth has been fundamental to my progress.  The journey I took offered me solutions that have lasted and that I continue to use today and every day.  I feel in control of my life and this was something I lacked all those years ago.  I am now in the driving seat and no longer being driven by old patterns of behaviour.


It was in 2010 that I realised I wanted a career where I could help people, and from my experience with Reach decided I wanted to work towards becoming a counsellor – a career which I now pursue and feel privileged to do so.


As a counsellor I have had experience working with a cancer charity – helping those diagnosed with the condition as well as supporting their family and friends, tending to their needs.   I have also worked with clients in a hospice setting, offering bereavement counselling and also have experience working with clients in the public sector in an occupational health environment.


I currently work with a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, bereavement, relationship difficulties, stress, illness, poor self-esteem, anger and trauma, as well as work-related stress.


After I qualified as a counsellor, I was very fortunate to be accepted onto the Reach Associate Training Programme and trained to become a Reach practitioner.  Having experienced the Reach Approach from a client perspective and now as an Associate, my belief in the approach continues to grow.  I wholeheartedly respect everything the Reach Approach is.  I continue to be blown away by the work of the group of people I am so fortunate to be part of.


It is a great honour to work as a Reach Associate and even more so to be the only Reach practitioner in Ireland.  There is no greater privilege than to walk alongside a client whilst working with an amazing organisation and practising an approach that puts the client at the centre.


I work with clients in the UK via online methods such as Skype and other forms of video calls as well as by telephone.  In Ireland I am based approximately 75 minutes away from Dublin in County Meath and offer the methods already listed for the UK as well as face to face appointments.


For those who would like to make contact with me or to find out more about me, my contact details are below.


(UK) 07305 269960

(IRE) 087 447 7677

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