Coaching Plus

At 49 years of age it hadn’t dawned on me that I would be changing career and over the last couple of years this is what has happened.   I’ve moved from sales and marketing into mentoring and coaching – which has been thrilling and so good for my confidence.  I applied for the Coaching Plus course, having completed a counselling skills course which whetted my appetite.  I was inspired to do this having taken a fairly intense therapeutic journey of my own and felt moved to help others find their own solutions.


Although I already have a degree and other postgraduate qualifications, nothing had prepared me for the demands and rigours of this course.  I learned so much about myself through the many experiential elements.  Although there was significant academic challenge, what I found hardest was applying the information to myself.  Reach is very keen that any coaches, counsellors or psychotherapists who want to be affiliated with them are expected to scrutinise themselves.  Their belief is that those who have done this make the best helpers as they have a real sense of what it is they are asking clients to commit to.


The course covered a variety of topics such as: quantum physics, metaphysics , neuroscience, orthomolecular medicine, epigenetics and much more.  I have not come across a course that covers the human condition in such a comprehensive way – showing how everything is connected and impacts on the mind, body and spirit.  There were times when I wasn’t sure if I was good enough and would make it – but I’m pleased to say that I persevered and even excelled.


I am wholeheartedly grateful for this course and would encourage anyone who is working within mental health to do it.  Not only will it open your eyes but it will improve and enhance your ability to help those you work with on their own journey towards well-being.


Deniese Wilson, UK



Postgraduate Diploma

Undergoing the HIP course run by The Reach Approach has been transformational, both personally and professionally.  The 10 modules covered on the course are incredibly diverse and in-depth; detailing what it means to be human; providing an understanding and a formula to become the best version of ourselves.


I found the history of how The Reach Approach was founded fascinating.  There was many years of research involved in the creation of this powerful holistic therapeutic model, beginning in 1979 and resulting in the conception of Reach in 1990.


The four primary pillars that form the basis of Reach are N.O.S.E., Persuading the body, the three aspects of consciousness and all you need to know, which are underpinned by the story of health. Within these categories is a vast array of knowledge and information to understand the human experience and human health, which incorporates cognitive neuroscience, epigenetics, orthomolecular medicine, consciousness, psychoneuroimmunology, nutrition and so much more.  How all this information is broken down and explained in each module as well as seamlessly woven together is impressive, to say the least.


This model for personal development has a vital component which is the application of the model in the therapists life, because as practitioners we can only take our clients to where we are on our evolutionary journey, and not beyond, that is if they wish to travel there.  Reach emphasise that practitioners examine themselves and how they live their lives in relation to its model for health and well-being.  We need to be the example of the work we are teaching our clients.  How beautifully humble is that!


This course is a huge undertaking, however, it is taught with a spirit of patience, encouragement, kindness and whole hearted support.  This has served me very well indeed, especially when I’ve struggled to understand some aspects of the model and have posed Easton with numerous questions, time and time again.  His support and commitment to teaching me has been unwavering.  Heartfelt gratitude to you Easton for enabling me to change my life, and over the years to deepen my understanding of The Reach Approach, and to then go on to pay it forward in my client work.


This course is revolutionary in understanding what it really means to be human and how to chart a course that creates a life of peace, harmony and joy.  It has been an honour to be taught this priceless synergistic model!


Dee Smith



Coaching Plus

A little over a year ago I applied for the Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching (Coaching Plus) hoping to elevate my coaching skills and help others improve their quality of life.  Today, I can say making this decision has helped me undergo a unique and life-changing journey of self-discovery.


I’ve learned that everything I once believed caused my struggles and my physical reality is vastly connected to my perception of life.  I discovered the importance of the Story of Health and how all of our choices are linked to the 4 pillars (mind, body, spirit & environment) that underpin the Reach philosophy.


Understanding the correlation between my current state and the Story of Health allowed me to identify the incongruences occurring in my life. As a result, I could name, own, surrender and embrace my imperfections whilst also inviting compassion into my life.


I’ve also learned about my position regarding the Three Aspects of Consciousness and how to move from one state to the other instead of remaining stagnant in any of the facets.  Most importantly, I explored not always being right and playing with the idea of being a student of life, open to new possibilities. This coaching program has helped me grow in unimaginable ways.


Nonetheless, I wouldn’t have been able to fully enjoy the above-mentioned experiences without the mentorship and guidance of Judith. She has and still is instrumental in my journey to sufficiency.  Judith’s teaching style and patience are exceptional which make learning so much more enjoyable and easy. I must confess, going back to school after a 12-year break was challenging and frustrating. Many times I felt like giving up. However, Judith’s kindness and loving attitude helped me break through many of my fears (which I used to call obstacles).


Judith’s tenacity and belief in my success moved the needlepoint from fear of failure to courage.  Her level of empathy and wisdom also helped me learn how to forgive and be compassionate with myself.  I love my experiences of having Judith as a tutor and am a bit sad that our time together is ending.


I’m genuinely grateful for the opportunity to learn a ‘whole-person’ approach to helping people overcome depression, mental health issues, nutritional deficiency, family and relationship conflicts, etc.  I am a big fan of The Reach Approach philosophy and am looking forward to continuing my education and possibly being part of the Reach Associate Programme.


Thank you for all you have done to help me!


Claudia, New York



Reach Postgraduate Psychotherapy Training

My journey through The Reach Approach Certificate in Integrative and Holistic Psychotherapy has been a unique and special experience. Where else could you receive one to one tuition, tailor made to combine personal growth with fascinating learning?


The philosophy of a synergistic approach which involves Mind, Body, Spirit and Environment was encompassed in the learning process. Each aspect was studied in depth, from historical perspectives to current research, linking ancient wisdoms with scientific validation of how a holistic approach is so effective. At the same time I was both exploring and experiencing their integration into my own lifestyle and therapeutic work, which I found richly rewarding.


The essence of The Reach Approach, which is a belief in acceptance, compassion and kindness, came strongly through in my fortnightly then weekly meetings with my tutor (Elaine Jackson) so that I felt truly nurtured to develop new skills and greater confidence as a therapist.


I finished the course with an even stronger belief that this holistic approach to therapy is the way forward – and having graduated I am pleased to be a Reach associate.


Sue Morris, UK



Postgraduate Diploma in Holistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (HIP)

As we are approaching the very last module of the Certificate in Holistic and Integrative Psychotherapy I would like to share some thoughts on just how much I have benefitted from this training over the last 18 months.


Having already experienced The Reach Approach as a client I found myself using many of your resources with my own clients. Having supervision with Jo has been amazing and has really helped me to develop my confidence in working in a “Reach” way. It came to a point though where I felt that I wanted to develop a greater working understanding of The Reach Approach so that I could offer my clients the full life changing experience that I underwent as a Reach client. Dark Room work changed my life and I couldn’t offer this without proper training on working at this depth of emotional awareness.


The training has been everything I had hoped it would be and more and I cannot thank you enough. My confidence has soared as you and Jo have helped me to develop a deep and solid understanding of the human condition. It has been amazing to begin to realise the infinite flexibility of the model and how it can apply to every issue and ailment that I will ever work with.


Before I began this training I was lacking in the confidence to work with people who had complicated issues or who could be described as falling on the more challenging side of the mental health spectrum. My confidence has increased so much now that I understand how the Reach model works for everybody and every issue and can be so fluidly adapted to really help everybody who comes to my door.


I have really enjoyed this training, it’s hard to believe that I could learn so much in such a relaxed, light hearted environment. Your kindness, acceptance and confidence and belief in me helped me to challenge my own beliefs about my abilities and I surpassed all that I thought I could be. So not only has this training helped me professionally it has also made an incredible difference to me personally.


As my understanding of The Reach Approach has developed, my application of its principles in my own life has deepened and become more consistent. I am experiencing first hand the wealth of opportunity for personal growth, development and contentment that this model offers to those who are prepared to do the work.


So, thank you, for a wonderful experience in so many ways. I look forward to beginning the Diploma as some stage this year.


Gillian Scott, UK 



To those who may be interested…

I have been in the therapeutic world for nearly 30 years now. For the first 15 years I worked in the NHS and voluntary sector. As valuable as this work was, I found it to be limited as it primarily dealt with the symptoms rather than the causes. Thus too regularly I witnessed the revolving door of returning clients. Having gone through my own therapeutic journey with Reach some years back, I realized that a more holistic, comprehensive and inclusive approach was needed. And that’s why I was attracted to the mind-body-spirit-environment model that Reach espouses. Hence I began a new chapter in my training and began working under the auspices of the Reach network. The difference in therapeutic outcomes has been remarkable and so I have not looked back for 15 years.


I am a BACP accredited practitioner and have undertaken various studies and qualifications over the years. So it was a natural progression, given my own personal experiences, to embark on the Holistic and Integrative Psychotherapy Diploma provided by Reach.


I can understand why the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP) were sufficiently impressed to deem this course worthy of accreditation as it offers a beautiful integration of ancient wisdom and cutting edge knowledge, antiquity and modernity, all combining to inform and heal individuals and communities in an effective, practical and sustainable way. The fusion of quantum physics, metaphysics, epigenetics, neuroscience, neurotheology, food and mood, noetic sciences, hydration, revolutionary psychotherapy, deep relaxation and so much more, is made eloquently accessible and captivating.


The 10 Modules are structured and intensive, but like all experiences with Reach, the process is sensitive and tailored to the needs of the individual student. Much of the course is undertaken in one-to-one tutorials, which ensures the student is getting the best out of the curriculum.


The primary modes of assessment are assignments, question and answer sessions and vivas, all designed to help the student become a more comprehensive practitioner, better able to deal with the complexities of the human condition.


My personal experience was enlightening, enriching and uplifting. Whilst the tutor had boundaries and direction, there was empathic guidance all the way along. The subject matter was far from dry, every part of it I could relate to my own life as well as to the lives of others – it was truly fascinating.


Moving through the course the subjects began to crystallize in my mind and the deeper understandings of the principles of synergy, nature and how everything is connected slowly emerged. I believe one cannot truly separate the professional and personal self if one is to be authentic. On all levels of my being I have felt immense growth, which has also translated to improved physical health. And I have felt the joy and satisfaction of these new insights spilling into my professional practice and relationships with clients. It has been very clear to see the benefit ‘paying forward’ and the tangible results for those attending.


In conclusion, I would be bold enough to say this course is second to none in its field, both in delivery and content. It does not just address one or two singular approaches but embraces the diversity and union of all that influences and impacts on our mind, body, spirit and environment.


There is no doubt in my mind that this course will advance anyone both professionally and personally, no matter what qualifications they may have attained beforehand. And I would add that since completing the course, my diary has never been so full and my work has never been so fulfilling.


N D Gregory, UK.



Reach Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching

I embarked on my personal journey with Easton Hamilton several years ago, which I’ve subsequently described as my ‘Journey of Truth’.  I should point out I was someone who was very dismissive about the world of counselling & psychotherapy. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that this journey would lead me to become part of Reach as a Coach; using the ‘Story of Health’, which I fell in love with at the very beginning, as a template for delivering positive change to clients.


Soon after starting my journey I introduced Reach material to friends and family, informally coaching & mentoring those that showed interest.  Following my life changing journey with Easton, I completed a University Coaching and Mentoring course.  Although the course provided useful learnings and practical tools e.g. attentive listening, open questioning, reflecting back and time-lining; I found coaching models such as GROW and OSKAR to be of limited use given my personal experience of the Reach ‘Whole Person’ Approach. I also found the non-directive, ‘encouraging clients to find their own solutions’ approach to be at times limiting, since my coaching interactions prior to starting the university course and afterwards have involved people seeking direction, feedback and sustainable solutions.


In comparison to conventional coaching the Reach Coaching course is in a league of its own.  When I first saw the syllabus I felt apprehensive and daunted by topics such as Cognitive Neuroscience, Orthomolecular Medicine and Epigenetics.  This, coupled with the prospect of presenting some of the modules to Easton in the form of presentations/vivas and Q & A sessions, made me nervous to say the least! I questioned whether I could actually do this even though I had the advantage of experiencing many of the concepts and methodologies first hand during my own Reach Journey.


However, with Easton’s belief in me and his honest feedback and encouragement, my confidence rapidly gained momentum as I progressed through the course modules.  My knowledge of Reach concepts and methodologies has expanded and deepened as a result of the course and I found myself immediately applying my new found understanding in ongoing client work.  Gaining experience of experiential ways of working e.g. Deep Relaxation and Emotional Freedom Work has been particularly useful in providing support to clients experiencing excessive stress and anxiety.


My testimonial is not meant to be disparaging of conventional coaching.  All personal growth modalities have their place and usefulness.  However, having experienced my own Reach journey, conventional coaching methods and Reach’s Coaching course, I believe Reach’s initiative enables coaches to take clients beyond their presenting issues.  So, as well as supporting clients with immediate issues (e.g. career change, relationship problems and health & fitness goals) applying the core Reach principle of Synergy, using the holistic, integrative and whole person model (The Story of Health), empowers coaches to provide clients with sustainable solutions, encompassing the key components of the human condition – body, mind, spirit and environment.


The Reach coaching course has been the most challenging, rewarding and worthwhile learning experience of my life.  It has required many hours of research, study, review and refinement.  As a result, I am a more competent and versatile coach equipped to support clients with either single or multiple life issues.


I would highly recommend this course to coaches seeking to enhance their coaching skills beyond conventional coaching methods.


Sat Panesar



What a gift…

I have had a long association with Reach, beginning as a client over 20 years ago, trying to resolve a number of personal issues. I loved the all-embracing nature of the model, as it explored all areas of my life with equal importance. This all-round perspective helped me to heal and find my place in the world.  I was inspired by the work to go and help others and spent many years in the field of alcohol and addiction doing just that.


After a period of time away from the social/psychological and caring fields, I decided to undertake further training in counselling and psychotherapy as I now had the goal of becoming part of Reach’s work in some way and knew additional training was required for that.  It had saved my life and I wanted to be able to give something back.


Starting out on this leg of my journey as a mature student who had not studied for many years proved to be a challenging process.  However, when I graduated from Stafford University with a postgraduate diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling it felt really good.  After my diploma I applied to do the Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma in Holistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (HIP) with The Reach Approach.   It was a daunting prospect, given the breadth and depth of the syllabus.


However, having started the certificate with Easton I knew I would be in safe hands, but it did not stop me from thinking ‘am I going to be good enough?’, particularly when words such as orthomolecular medicine, epigenetics and psychoneuroimmunology were used – I couldn’t even pronounce them! The course at the University felt relatively easy in comparison to the journey I was taking on this course.


I’m now coming to the end of my training and with Easton’s amazing support, guidance, unique teaching methods, great humour and warmth I have developed the self-belief, confidence and ability to impart what once seemed complex information in a way that is accessible to all… it feels absolutely amazing.


Easton I cannot thank you enough for giving me the gift of being part of this journey, both as a client and a student. I know now I can do my clients justice as a practitioner as I better understand the many layers that make up the individual’s experience.


I look forward to continuing this journey,


Ru, UK