The Reach Network offers all successful graduates of our training courses the opportunity to be a part of a private practice that already has a national and a growing international reputation. Reach has been built on good ethical practice, tens of thousands of hours of clinical experience, extensive research and a knowledge base that crosses a variety of fields and disciplines. Added to this, we have built strong networks, not just within the field of psychology, but also in all those areas that are relevant to personal development.


This has led to a unique, synergistic model, which has come to be known as The Reach Approach. This model is based on the premise that the individual must meet the needs of mind, body, spirit and environment equally in order to maximise their potential – as a result of this ideology, a truly holistic approach has evolved.  Graduates would therefore be benefiting from our reputation which will automatically enhance their own, providing them with a better platform on which to build a successful practice.


Those who by mutual agreement become part of The Reach Network are required to sign a legally binding contract, which provides them with a licence to use our intellectual property – this includes our methodologies, resources, and materials – for the lifetime of their membership.  As a member of the scheme, they are also required to pay a modest monthly contribution, which helps support the network’s many activities.  




1) Reach is built around a very experienced and skilled team of psychotherapists, counsellors, hypnotherapists, nutritionists, and holistic therapists. Associates will have on-going access to these practitioners, who between them have tens of thousands of hours of clinical experience.


2) Associates will have exclusive access to a ‘therapist only’ website.  This website will include a vast array of audio-visual and written materials… that are critical to improving their understanding of The Reach Approach. There will also be numerous disciplines specific to Reach that will be covered at greater depth.  This in turn will advance associates’ knowledge, understanding and clinical practice.


3) Associates will be helped to build a successful private practice. Information and guidance will be offered regarding sole trader status, client confidentiality, personal safety, the management of accounts, tax and national insurance, and they will receive assistance in building a network across the voluntary, statutory, educational and charitable sectors.


4) Associates will be provided with our core handouts and worksheets (which are currently in excess of 200). They will be supervised in how best to use them in their client work. Supervision will also be provided to enable associates to make the best use of the audio-visual materials.


5) Associates will be featured and recommended on the Reach website, having their own page where their various activities are promoted. Where associates have their own websites, they will be linked to the Reach website and recommended via our other social media, which will assist them in raising their individual profiles.


6) We have an excellent web development team and online marketing agency that manages our SEO (search engine optimisation) needs, and where required, SEO assistance will be provided to associates.


7) The name Reach is a registered trademark, so all our intellectual property is protected. By agreement, associates will be able to use the trademark on their advertising and marketing materials, and other publications used to promote their activities.


8) All associates will be prioritised when it comes to client referrals.


9) Our model is holistic, integrative, and person-specific and over the last 30+ years we have created numerous original concepts and strategies, which are the by-products of our own research and clinical experience. Associates will receive specialist training in how to best use this knowledge in their own private practice.


10) We specialise in a mind-body approach to mental health. As a result, we apply metaphysical principles to all aspects of our work.  We have developed a system for delivering our message, known by the acronym F.A.C.T.S.  Associates will have training in how best to use this template in their practice.


11) Reach is an accredited training school, and to ensure the individual needs of associates are being met and the standard of delivery remains high, we are committed to one-to-one training, and wherever we do deliver training in groups, numbers will always be small to ensure that quality is not compromised.


12) We have produced a wide range of products which are largely available through our gift shop. Associates will have access to these products at a reduced rate.  They will receive from their supervisor a discount code, which will enable them to download MP3s, acquire greeting cards, bookmarks, calendars, pens, Reach books, etc. at cost, which can then be sold on at the agreed retail price.


13) Associates will have access to existing trade accounts, and discount codes. This means they can provide their clients with favourable and cost-effective deals on a range of health products.


14) Reach has a creative director who oversees all our design, branding, promotional work, and printing. All associates will have access to this resource, at a discounted rate, should they choose to create their own website, online resources, or generate their own printed materials.


15) Associates, after completion of their postgraduate qualification, will be given additional training in how all aspects of our model can best be adapted to work with couples, families, and groups.


16) Those associates who are interested in running training courses and workshops, whether face-to-face or online, if they are using our materials, will be required to do so under the Reach Training School umbrella. They will be given access to our person-specific way of marketing, advertising, and constructing syllabuses – and they will be guided in how to run such events.



Insurance services…

As a result of our partnership with Holistic Insurance Services, all associates, when they become part of The Reach Network, will be encouraged to sign up with HIS to arrange their professional indemnity insurance, which has been agreed at an extremely competitive rate.

This will make setting up as an associate of Reach even more advantageous.  The cover on offer with HIS is very comprehensive indeed and more importantly, as far as we are concerned, this is an organisation built on integrity, conscience and good practice, which is why we are pleased to be associated with them.



Accountancy services…

In addition to professional indemnity insurance at an excellent rate, all associates will also be offered access to our accountancy firm should they need this service.

We work very closely with Mark Twinberrow (from GM & Co) – and associates can be assured they will receive a first class service from him, also at a preferential rate.  To find out more, click here.



So, these are the primary benefits that associates will enjoy…

We believe, for what is on offer, £60 per month (the associate fee), is exceptionally good value as associates are getting practical help with the development of their own private practice along with specialised training and supervision.  They will also have the advantage of being part of something well researched and tested, offering a plethora of resources to support their clinical work.


In addition, they will be able to be part of a unique, holistic network committed to positive change…. and much more.



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