Dearest Body

Thank you for the countless miracles you perform each day in my name. You’re amazing. If it were not for you, I would not have the opportunity to learn, understand and grow from my experiences. I’m in awe of your infinite skills and talents. The way that you keep breathing, digesting, producing energy, detoxifying and so much more, all at the same time, you are the greatest wonder of them all. I am honoured and privileged to be in such an intimate relationship with you. Sadly, I have not always given you the love, respect and appreciation that you deserve, but from today I promise my heart will sing your praise. No longer will I overlook your greatness and wonder. Thank you!


What I have come to understand is that you never work against me. You’re always giving me the best chance of survival. Despite my neglect and complacency you use all your experience and wisdom to find the best routes for health. You are truly the most loyal friend and ally that I could have, no matter what I do, you’re always striving for the best outcomes. You’re so forgiving of my misdemeanors, great or small. How can I ever repay you? This friendship has been so one-sided in so many ways. I have not thanked you enough for the gifts that you serve up each day. Starting from today, starting from right now, I thank you. I will learn to fully appreciate you and your kind, magical ways….. Let these thoughts resonate for a while…


Now, sit comfortably away from any distraction and become the observer of yourself. Watch yourself and listen to yourself breathing. Every time you breathe in and out, thank your body for the preciousness of your life. Recite in your own words something along the lines of…. “with each breath you oxygenate my cells and that oxygen carries nutrients into the nucleus of each cell, where energy is produced for life. That energy makes everything possible, from digestion to my heart beating, to my liver cleansing and even these thoughts that I’m having right now are supported by the energy of breathing. Your skills do not end there because after the combustion of nutrients that takes place in each cell, you then, with great humility, remove all the waste via the many pathways of detoxification; the colon, the kidneys, liver, lungs and skin. All this takes place under your amazing stewardship and all you ask of me is to co-operate and co-operate I will.”


As you sit listening to and observing your breathing, and appreciating the wonderful array of activity that is supported by this one act, make a promise to your body right now, a promise you will do everything in your power to fulfill. Dear Body, I promise to give you all the raw materials you need. I will ensure you are properly hydrated, I will eat as diversely as I can to ensure you get the necessary vitamins, essential fats, amino acids and minerals that you need. I promise to be consistent with supplementation, so that any deficiencies in my diet will be bridged. I will not allow you to struggle when you constantly fight for my survival and wellbeing. I will strive for the rest of my life, not only to take on board the right foods and fluids but to generate the right thoughts. I’ve come to understand that my negative thoughts and feelings hurt you the most. For that I’m sorry. I will endeavour to keep my mind thankful, kind and forgiving because these are the thoughts you love most of all. These thoughts and feelings are natural healers that work with you, not against you.


Communicate in this way with your body on a regular basis and it will help you immensely, especially at times when you’re physically or mentally struggling. No challenge will be too great.



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