“Tell me and I’ll forget…  Show me and I may remember…  Involve me and I’ll understand”.

Confucius (551 BC – 479 BC)


The world finds itself in a precarious position and it would be easy just to sit in a place of fear, doing nothing… watching and waiting to see what happens next.  But the time for apathy has passed.  Doing nothing makes us part of the problem.  We all need to find ways to make a positive contribution.  This is not about the size of our donation to the cause, it’s about standing up and being counted in whatever ways we can.  We all now have the opportunity to become part of the solution.


In this powerful documentary by Sir David Attenborough, he charts the story of what’s happened to the planet during his lifetime – which is both sobering and frightening.  However, in the second half of this film, he offers hope and a template for how we could call a halt to our demise and instead leave a positive legacy for our children, grandchildren and all species.


Imagination and innovation got us here… and it’s imagination and innovation that’s needed to turn this round.




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