The sound of bad news ricocheting around the world is deafening.  Every news medium has a klaxon reverberating loudly, each one looking to outdo the other, with a story even worse than the last one.  We’re told we get the news we deserve, that they’re only reporting what it is we are craving.  This may well be true, up to a point, and if it is, isn’t it time we called for, in fact demanded, something new, something better?


No one can single-handedly change the world, but if we’re all sitting around waiting for someone else to do it, we can be sure of our demise.  One of the things we can all do is actively spread good news.  It’s a small but very powerful undertaking.  It might seem inconsequential, but the more of us who consciously look for good news and share it, the more there will be an exponential rise in such activity and with that a tsunami of good feeling can be spread around the world.


We know that bad news exists and some reporting of it is necessary, but the obsession with bad news has become a disease that’s harming the heart and mind of humankind.


This Good News section of our site is a small contribution to this consciousness raising activity.  We hope you will enjoy these offerings and share them widely.


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