There is a minefield of information emerging offering different perspectives on the subject of cancer, so much so that those who seek the truth and are looking for solutions find that they are left confused by the multitude of data on offer. For those suffering with cancer or looking at prevention, we would always recommend that you take medical/professional advice from those qualified to give it. What is clear when you research the subject further is that the acid/alkaline balance is an important factor in the conception and proliferation of cancer.


Those who want to delve further may want to look at the work of Dr. Robert Young, who has been working with the miracle of pH for over 25 years and has had some noteable success with a variety of life-challenging conditions. The work of Andreas Moritz is also worthy of further exploration. In the footages posted here Dr. Tullia Simoncini (a cancer specialist) offers a fascinating insight into the role of fungus and its relationship to cancer which again brings the importance of body pH into the equation. We believe his findings need to be taken very seriously indeed….







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