A guiding principle of the spiritual journey is to ‘look within’. Biochemist Dr. Sondra Barrett has done just that and discovered that our cells offer us invaluable wisdom for inspiration, transformation and healing.


With her work, ‘Secrets of Your Cells’, this scientist and more latterly, mind-body teacher, takes the listener on a provocative journey into our inner universe. In this interview, she explores various aspects of the cell’s astonishing architecture, intelligence, and ability to work in harmony.  She also describes practical exercises to help apply the lessons our cells have to offer. Sondra describes how our cells listen to our beliefs and thoughts and shows us how by changing the way we think we can  send positive, life-affirming messages to our bodies.


Our cells are more than just a haphazard or fortuitous arrangement of chemicals. They are a community of trillions of sentient entities working together to create a sanctuary for the human soul. Drawing on the insights of the past as well as from indigenous practitioners, energy medicine, and the powerful wisdom of our body’s fundamental building blocks, Dr. Barrett offers listeners a thoroughly researched and accessible resource for putting cutting-edge biology into action with Secrets of Your Cells.


Sit back and take this quite unique voyage.  It may offer you a different perspective on your relationship with yourself, your body and the environment.





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