Reach has been making a positive contribution to the personal growth movement for over 35 years but the research that underpins our philosophy and practice, and in fact led to our conception has been going for over 40 years. When we use the term research we are referring to a thorough examination, both in terms of empirical and experiential data gathered over hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of years. This data refers to the key players in the human story, such as: biology, philosophy, anthropology, spirituality, psychology, religion, science, history, environmental studies.



We believe that it’s only by studying these diverse and in some cases complex topics, looking carefully at where they overlap, that we can begin to make sense of ‘who we are’ and understand our dysfunctional traits and patterns. Only then can the journey of lasting transformation begin. It is because we have often got trapped in trying to make sense of where we find ourselves in the world by looking predominantly to one subject for our answers that we remain stuck.  We get caught up in symptomology and never truly identify the root causes, which is where our solutions are to be found.



The truth is that no one subject is the ‘Holy Grail’. This has been our biggest mistake. Competition has triumphed over collaboration. For the sake of progress we’ve traded away our integrity, humanity and ancestral heritage. There is so much the past has to teach us, so if we are to the make best of the present we need to start listening…. Through our work we have tried to give antiquity its rightful place at the table of truth, so we hope you enjoy our research; we’ve posted a few examples of our work here for your consumption…



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