In this fascinating and informative video, great hope is offered to those who wish to address cognitive decline, particularly dementia and Alzheimer’s.  This is a 45 minute interview well worth watching and it demonstrates clearly why a holistic and synergistic approach to health is needed.  There is no one thing that will cure all our ills.  We need to be more diligent about all the key aspects of our lives and install practices and protocols that will support healing and recovery.


The Story of Health tells us that unless mind, body, spirit and environment are all equally attended to we will continue to struggle with our physical and mental health in some way or another.  It’s time to take this journey seriously, whilst we still can.


Dean Sherzai, MD, PhD, is co-director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Programme at Loma Linda University Medical Centre.  Dean trained in Neurology at Georgetown University School of Medicine, and completed fellowships in neurodegenerative diseases and dementia at the National Institutes of Health and UC San Diego.  He also has a PhD in Healthcare Leadership with a focus on community health.


Ayesha Sherzai, MD is a neurologist and also co-director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Programme, where she leads the Lifestyle Initiative for the Prevention of Neurological Diseases.  She completed a dual training in Preventative Medicine and Neurology at Loma Linda University, and a fellowship in Vascular Neurology and Epidemiology at Columbia University.  So both are at the forefront of their fields.





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