We decided, once it became clear that COVID 19 was a pandemic, that we needed to quickly formulate a mental health response.  This was because of the spike we saw in the number of cases of anxiety, panic and fear – and it was obvious to us that whilst governments and health officials were formulating a strategy to deal with the physical consequences of coronavirus, if we were not careful, people’s minds would also become sick in the process.


The evidence has rapidly stacked up to substantiate that we are indeed in the middle of a mental health crisis and the consequences of that could go on long after COVID 19.  There are already substantial rises in domestic violence, cases of abuse, self-harm, anxiety, depression, suicide – and there has also been a rise in the number of murders.  This is because people are lacking the knowledge and skills to help them formulate a better response to the problem.


We will continue to produce these articles whilst we remain in lockdown, to help all those who are in any way struggling emotionally and psychologically and need support and guidance. We hope they will help you to better take care of yourself, your family, those you love and your community.


Please share the articles wherever you think they’ll bring benefit.