Why don’t we all have cancer? – it is an interesting but complex question. It’s complicated because there are so many variables that impact on human health. There is the genetic material that we are born with; there is a whole host of environmental factors that impact on our genetic make up – such as diet, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, fungi, the quality of the air and water, also our thoughts and feelings, the list goes on.


Another critical variable in this equation is the state of our immune system, which is the most vital line of defence/protection that we have. There are in fact two immune systems, the innate immune system, which we are born with and which is largely shaped by our genetic inheritance. Then there is the acquired (adaptive) immune system, which as the name suggests, is the part of the immune system that learns and adapts to the environment and then develops the appropriate response(s) – to keep our bodies safe. To better understand the roles of our immune systems and what we can be doing to enhance their performance, please click here.


So, we can begin to see that the reason we don’t all have cancer is not an easy question to answer, because there are so many variables that are relevant to our health. What we do know is that cancer cells are prevalent in the human body and are the natural consequence of the vast array of activities taking place within our bodies, in order to keep us alive. Most of us are producing cancer cells all the time but they never reach the levels that cause ill health or disease. This is largely down to our immune systems doing their jobs very well, especially our innate immune system.


It appears from all the data we have, that a healthy functioning immune system is the best protection we have against the ravages of the modern world. Creating an immune system that is working optimally is the only real control we have because we cannot control so many of the environmental variables that are currently impacting in on our health.


We can, however, train our minds to think more positively, which will give rise to a better attitude and temperament. We can choose to eat a more diverse and nutritious diet, assuming our circumstances and finances allow. We can choose to drink the best water available to us, in the quantities that are needed to ensure everything is working as it should – we are after all ‘vertical rivers’ and nothing works optimally in the body without water (see: The Wonder of Water). Where appropriate we can choose to take the necessary nutritional supplementation to address the unfortunate deficiencies that now exist in our food stock. There is much we can do but we need to start taking control of our lives in those areas where we can.


Cancer is not the only disease that takes advantage of a poor immune system, in fact all disease has the capacity to prosper where we don’t take the initiative to enhance our health.


This is an interesting and informative video offering a useful introduction to this topic….




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