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Reach is a private psychotherapy practice, specialising in all aspects of mental health and personal growth. We are based in the UK and have numerous overseas satellites. There are 75 qualified and accredited practitioners in our network and many more therapists who are licensed to use our approach and materials. We are experienced and skilled in helping individuals, couples, and groups with all aspects of trauma, abuse, depression, anxiety, anger, panic, low self-esteem, addiction, relationship issues, loss of direction and meaning… and much more. We also offer clinical supervision and postgraduate training for mental health professionals.

We do not believe in a one size fits all approach, nor do we believe that the answers to our problems can always be found in one place. As a result, we provide a synergistic set of solutions, which means we draw from numerous disciplines and schools of thought, marrying the best of philosophy with psychology, looking at cutting edge science alongside spirituality, exploring various forms of mind-body medicine, and bringing together the best of antiquity and modernity. Our materials and resources are carefully chosen, thoughtfully organised and presented in a way that makes them accessible.

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