Over the next 12 months we will be producing a new genre of meditation.

These original meditations will invite you to get up and dance or go and take a brisk walk with the track ringing in your ears.  Alternatively you could lie down in a dimly lit room and absorb the hypnotic rhythm and messages.  Or you could play the track whilst preparing and cooking a meal or as you’re driving along in the car, train or bus… In other words these are meditations that you can weave into the fabric of your everyday life – you don’t need to be still to imbibe them.

It’s worth mentioning that although it’s immensely valuable to sit quietly and meditate in silence or listen to more traditional meditation tracks, the true aim of meditation is to take its many benefits and apply them to your everyday life.  If we can only meditate whilst being still we are limiting our capacity to discover the true majesty of our minds.  We are more magnificent than we realise but in order to experience this we need to push beyond our limits.

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