There is a revolution afoot… where previously unrelated disciplines are finding themselves making the same discoveries, namely that the mind and body are intimately connected and what happens within one sphere is mirrored in the other.


These disciplines include, but are not limited to: cognitive neuroscience, epigenetics, PNI, orthomolecular medicine, nutrigenetics, biophysics, neurotheology, complementary medicine, noetic sciences and environmental medicine.


For those of you interested in the synergistic revolution, take a look at what is happening in these different disciplines with what appear to be different approaches to the human condition, and what you’ll discover is that there is more that binds them than divides them.


We would go as far as to say many of the different labels that these disciplines operate under get in the way of the real message which is that life is about a huge conversation that is taking place from the cellular to cosmic level.


If we listen in to and study these conversations we discover that we have incredible influence on the lives we are living.  A good place to start is by looking into the mirror of nature and our environment and we can see that there is much to learn about the true nature of being human.


There is at the heart of this conversation an empathy, sensitivity and interdependence that relies on safety, kindness and creative intelligence.  Where these attributes are missing both mind and body suffer.


In this interesting video one aspect of this incredible conversation that we are all a part of is explored.  It’s come to be known as the telomere effect…





Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn is a biological researcher and Nobel laureate, winning the Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine in 2009.  She is most recognised for her ground-breaking work in telomeres.


If you think of your chromosomes – which carry your genetic material – as shoelaces, telomeres are the little protective tips at the end.  They are made of repeating short sequences of DNA sheathed in special proteins.


During our lives they tend to wear down and when telomeres can’t protect chromosomes properly, cells can’t replenish and they malfunction.  This sets up physiological changes in the body which increase risks of the major conditions and diseases of ageing such as: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, a weakened immune system and more.  However, the good news is that this process is somewhat malleable.  It is happening in all of us at some rate, but the rate can change.


An enzyme called telomerase can add DNA to the ends of chromosomes to slow, prevent and partially reverse the shortening.  This does not mean immortality awaits us but it does mean that the quality of one’s life can be improved and extended.


Interestingly, telomeres are positively affected by meditation, yoga, exercise and nutrition.  Please take a look at the links posted below to find out more.


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