Andreas Moritz is a best selling author and internationally acclaimed health expert. He works chiefly with naturopathic principles and in a lot of his work challenges the allopathic view of health. His primary premise, which dates back to the founders of medicine (the Ayurvedic Tradition), is that ‘the body never works against itself’. Probably amongst the most radical of his ideas is that cancer is not a disease but it is in fact a survival mechanism! He, like many others within the naturopathic field of medicine, believes that the body is always trying to give us the best chance of survival, given the environmental factors it’s exposed to. His work is, over the last 30 years, very much built on the notion that the secret of health is the removal of waste.


Those interested, in what some may consider his controversial ideas, may well find two of his bestsellers of great interest. These are The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush as well as Cancer Is Not A Disease.





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