Joe White is a long-standing friend of Reach and he has recently established Second City Supply Co, which has a beautiful ethos and a wonderful mission statement.  The company has been created to help the first responders and key workers who are out on the front line, not just during COVID 19, but all year round, helping those most in need.


This innovative project is bringing together small businesses, independent restaurants, also artists and creatives from different backgrounds to produce goods and offer services targeted at NHS staff – as a way of saying thank you for all that they do.


Joe is a very warm, empathic character with a strong social conscience.  Since his alliance with Reach, he’s always had a desire to do something that brings people together and benefits the wider community.  This seems to fit the bill perfectly.  We love the idea so much that we wanted to positively endorse Joe’s vision and passion.


Please read on and see what Joe has to say and if you are sufficiently inspired to be a part of what he’s doing, then we hope you’ll get on board.


Here’s what Joe has to say…

I have a lot of friends and housed many students in my previous job, who are in the medical profession. I am amazed at their stories and not because they are telling me about movie style injuries. I am in awe of the fact that a nurse can spend 12 hours on shift and often only get 10 minutes to microwave some food. When I heard stories of nurses crying in store rooms and Doctors that are overworked and sleep deprived, I knew these unsung hero’s who continue go about gruelling schedules to provide care and safety to sick and vulnerable people needed a Thank You from us all. I think we are quick to forget that so many countries pay for their healthcare, whilst we get everything for free. We all know how overstretched NHS staff are, now more than ever, so it’s up to us to show these people, who care for us, that we care for them.


At the same time I have seen other friends who are stuck in jobs they hate just to pay bills whilst hiding some amazing talents. I have discovered artists, craftspeople, designers, beer brewers among many others. So, the idea was born to create clothing, accessories and home made items from right here in the heart of Birmingham. The goal is to create a brand where designers and artists who would never normally meet can collaborate in making designs and items for sale online.


Profits form these sales would be used to to create events for NHS staff such as meals at local independent restaurants and pamper boxes, and coffee and cake events etc.


I have always been a firm believer that if you want something then you have to make it happen. Join me in thanking those who go back onto the front line each day to make sure that we and our families stay safe.


This is just the beginning, I hope you are on board for the journey.


To find out more, visit: Second City Supply Co

To sponsor Joe on his 100 mile challenge: