The name Reach is now a registered trademark. Our registration applies to the work we do in all aspects of mental health and personal development. It also covers all the materials, products and resources we’ve produced and will continue to develop in the future.


The reason we acquired a trademark for our work and products is that although we are very happy for our materials and resources to be used for the benefit of all, there have sadly been some misuses and misrepresentations of our name and our work over the last 20 years. It is for this reason that we sought legal protection. This will not change our philosophy and approach – we will continue to make the majority of the things we produce freely accessible to all. We also want those products and services where we do charge a modest fee to continue to be used in beneficial ways by third parties.


However, we now reserve the right within law to deal with any abuses and misrepresentations as is appropriate. Obviously, we hope such instances are now a thing of the past and so it will not be necessary to enforce trademark law. To read more about why we’ve persued this path – please click here