Easton Hamilton is a senior accredited psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, accredited supervisor, nutritionist and holistic practitioner. He’s been involved in the field of mental health for over 35 years and is the founder and director of The Reach Approach – which offers an holistic model, specialising in health solutions for mind, body and spirit.

For the last 30 years Easton has been building a new and original approach to personal development, based on a combination of research and clinical practice. This work has been carried out through our counselling and psychotherapy network (Reach), which is UK wide and has numerous overseas initiatives.

The philosophy that has emerged from this work has created a way of working that has become known as ‘The Reach Approach’, which marries together some of the key healing modalities of the past with the latest scientific discoveries.  Easton believes passionately that a ‘one-pronged’ approach to human health, mental or physical, simply doesn’t work and as a result, we’re only ever treating the symptoms and never truly addressing the causes. He argues that if we are treating the human condition, we must meet the needs of the three main aspects, mind, body and spirit and address how these then interface with their environment.

Easton has written hundreds of articles and is the primary author of the Reach library of materials. He is the voice behind most of our guided meditations and oversees all of Reach’s numerous activities including: therapeutic practice, supervision, training, research and our many external initiatives. He is also the author of three books, which cover topics such as: science, history, psychology, philosophy and spirituality – and how they relate to the human condition.

His latest book Synergy: the cure for all ills, released in 2014, is the only publication where all of the seminal principles of The Reach Approach can be found in one place. It has already had extensive success in numerous countries and is a valuable handbook for those looking for a truly holistic and integrative approach to human health.