Hema found her way to Reach through a chance meeting at a time when she was looking to take her own personal journey and professional career to the next level.  Her work as a trainer and facilitator was already beneficial and successful but she knew it was not offering a complete wellness package to those who were fortunate enough to find their way to her door.  Out of the serendipity of this meeting, Hema eventually found her way to our training school and embarked on the postgraduate coaching course (Coaching Plus) in which she excelled.  We are proud to have her as a Reach associate (psychotherapeutic coach), able to offer our unique methodology to those looking for holistic and synergistic solutions.


Hema is a highly skilled and experienced Ayurvedic practitioner who combines the best of eastern medicine/philosophy with western science, and as a result offers a comprehensive set of strategies and resources that individuals can use to facilitate their own healing and recovery.  Hema is a very bright light, bursting with intelligence, compassion and warmth, willing to go that extra mile to help those who are struggling to find their way back to themselves.


Hema is based both in Greece and in London.  For anyone looking to take the Reach journey, we unreservedly recommend her as your guide.



Here’s what Hema has to say…

In my late teens until my mid-30s, I struggled with anxiety and depression, but I hid it behind a smile. Both mentally and physically, I felt disconnected and out of shape as I climbed the corporate ladder until 2007. That’s when I decided to find my way back to myself.


Despite trying various methods like pharmaceuticals, yoga, energy healing, life coaching, and diets, none provided a lasting solution. I then was fortunate enough to come across the Reach Approach which swiftly proved to be an honest and comprehensive mind-body-spirit healing journey.


It’s now my pleasure to share the exact same approach with you to help you avoid the common pitfalls of transformation and quickly discover what truly works. I look forward to embarking on a life-changing journey towards deep well-being and a healthier, more connected you.


Apart from my work with Reach, drawing inspiration from my British-Indian background, I combine Lifestyle medicine (Ayurveda) and Western mind-body medicine in an effective and enjoyable online health club. This program is designed to assist motivated women in overcoming fatigue and addressing various health issues, all without wasting any more of their valuable time.


Please email hema@hemaneer.com to schedule a phone chat about what you are going through and to come up with a plan together to help you feel your best. Welcome!