Coaching Plus is a wonderful new addition to the world of coaching.


We passionately believe in ‘talking therapies’ but we also believe that in many cases by themselves they are not a sufficient tool for a multitude of emotional, psychological and life issues.


The world of coaching has burst into life over the last 10-15 years and much of what is available in that arena is specific to a certain category such as: business, lifestyle, sports or focuses on specific issues such as: building self-confidence, career progression, management skills etc.  All of which is valuable in its own way.


However, focusing on a particular objective or developing a certain attribute or style can also be limiting if it doesn’t take account of the person’s overall situation.  Our clinical experience has repeatedly highlighted that if you only fix the presenting problem you might acquire some relief for some time, but rarely do you fully overcome that concern or affliction.


So our coaches not only have a qualification in coaching and/or experience in a relevant field, they have in addition undertaken our unique training programme (The Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching).


To find out more about this course please click here.


If you are looking for coaching with a difference, which can help you not just with your current concerns, but can offer you an on-going formula to address any unresolved issues, then the coaches in this section are unquestionably qualified to help you. So please take a look at their profiles and feel free to contact them to find out more and arrange an appointment.


All our coaches offer face-to-face sessions as well as Skype where required.