France has been unwavering in his own journey of personal development for some years, in the pursuit of his primary ambition to live more authentically.


His fearless examination of himself is one of the reasons that he stands out as a human being and a healer.  We have no doubt that his courage and honesty enhance the quality of work with his clients – and over many years we have had countless positive endorsements in relation to the work that he does.


This is why we have no hesitation in saying that those who are looking for bodywork that crosses the mind-body divide, need look no further because France is a truly gifted practitioner.


Let’s see what France himself has to say…

France Quirin has been a Registered Osteopath for the last 23 years after qualifying in 1996 – previous to that time he was a Registered Nurse.  His clinical practice and experience ranges from simple strains to the care of HIV clients and those with cancer.


Currently he combines his private work with musculoskeletal support for the Neuromuscular Centre, West Midlands, where he is part of a specialized team caring for and creating solutions for those with the various manifestations of muscular dystrophy.  This work has provided invaluable experience and expertise in the care of chronic conditions as well as acute presentations concerning back and neck pain, for those living in the Birmingham area.


However, France is also a member of a national group of osteopaths who have developed an interest in the care of those suffering with ME/chronic fatigue; this is mostly applying the Perrin Technique, however this is supported by his other skills and experience in: hypnotherapy, offering nutritional advice, EFT and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).  Research supports this kind of approach not just for fatigue related conditions but also for the many problems presented in osteopathic practice.


This means that various modalities are available to help the client move from pain and dysfunction to a new found freedom.  These treatment options are presented through a coaching framework that aims to organise the path to recovery.


France has been a keen advocate of addressing the whole picture of health through lifestyle changes, now referred to as Lifestyle Medicine.  He sees this as especially accessible through personal change and physical activity.


His own personal therapy has led to many highs and lows and so he has first hand experience of what is required on the journey towards health and well-being.  Since his twenties he has practised martial arts in both a formal teaching environment but also on his own, using the movements not just for self-defence should the need arise but to experience a movement system which is mindful, flowing and strengthening to the body.


He has a great vision for spinal solutions and indeed for any client that knocks on his door.  His hope is that they are able to truly understand how they have come to find themselves where they are – and understand the importance of becoming partners in their own recovery.


To find out more about France’s services, please contact him on:

0121 638 0105 or 07974 437056.

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