In this section you will find brief bios of the senior management team.  Between us we have over 100 years experience working across the spectrum of psychological and emotional issues. In addition, we’ve worked and continue to work extensively with the mind-body interface, researching and examining the impact of both physical and psychological issues on the individual’s life.  We have literally tens of thousands of hours of client experience – working with individuals, couples, families and groups, from all cultures and backgrounds.


Our philosophy is built around the notion that you cannot fully fix the mind without fixing the body or completely fix the body without fixing the mind.


As a result of our unique model and approach, we work with those suffering with both chronic psychological and physiological issues.  This is why we offer a model that integrates the best of the ancient principles of philosophy, medicine, health and healing, with modern psychology and the latest scientific developments.  We know what we do works because we have an enormous database of clients who bear testimony to our methods and approach.  We’ve often succeeded where nothing else has worked, as many of our clients have come to our door only as a last resort.


We don’t make false promises. We tell every client from the beginning that we can only help them if they are prepared to do the ‘work’.  What we do promise is the support, strategies and resources they need for positive change.  We can’t take responsibility for their healing or personal transformation, that’s the bit they must do for themselves…. only then does the miraculous happen.


We believe miracles are made… and here is the formula:  knowledge + application = personal power.


To find out more about our unique approach, take a look at our FAQs