Meditation & Mindfulness – as Therapeutic Tools

My name is Nick Wilkes and I am a meditation teacher. I have a solution focused approach to self healing and stress management, combining meditation and mindfulness.



Meditation itself is the experience of total physical and emotional relaxation. As you gently allow your body to let go of tension you become aware of your natural and spontaneous relaxation instinct taking over. As you trust more and more in this instinct you become aware that your emotions are also relaxing. Feelings of peace and tranquillity naturally and effortlessly arise within the parts of your body that are tuned specifically to feel emotion, your heart and your stomach. As you bring your awareness to rest upon them, you will notice again how effortlessly feelings of peace and tranquillity increase.



Mindfulness is the art of bringing the peaceful relaxation feelings of meditation into your daily life. Through my own practice I have developed a specific meditation technique to teach mindfulness called “Stillness Meditation”. During this meditation you will experience ‘The Six Aspects of Mindfulness’, 1, Awareness of your body, 2, Breath, 3, Heart, 4, Solar Plexus, 5, Thought, 6, External Environment. With practice, you quickly notice one or more of the ‘Aspects’ as being particularly easy for you to utilise in daily life. This will form the basis of your mindful and self nourishing way of life.


Creating Solutions

Over the last twenty years, most of my work has involved helping people to resolve, ‘The Big Five’, namely feelings of Fear, Guilt, Anger, Sadness and Hurt. As these feelings dissolve away during meditation, you naturally develop the ability to let go of painful emotion while being fully engaged in the process of creating solutions. The energy released as you let go of the pain then becomes available for you to use for self nourishment and healing.


Currently Available

• Individual sessions, in person or over telephone or “Skype”.
• Corporate groupwork and training in Meditation and Stress Management.
• Weekly meditation group meetings in the Wolverhampton area.



Contact details

Please feel free to call me on 07906 679 130 or e-mail at