Listed on this page you will find various websites that we believe will be of some interest to those pursuing healthy, innovative options. We’ve composed this page because although we are doing our best to offer solutions in response to the challenges that come with being human we recognize that we cannot possibly fit everything onto our site. Further more it’s not essential to do that when there are so many others already offering some of the insights that we would consider to be relevant to the personal growth process.


Our listing of these sites is not an endorsement of their content as there are some things that sit naturally alongside our philosophy and approach whilst there are others that we’d be less happy to be aligned to. That said, this is not about us; it’s about you. We are passionately promoting the concept of synergy and therefore are encouraging you to look outside of the limitations of your current understanding because only then do we believe the whole picture can be seen clearly (see The Three Aspects of Consciousness).  We are sure, subject to what you’re looking for, that you will find something of use and worthy of further research on this page.


Listed below are various companies that we believe offer some of the best herbal, vitamin and mineral products on the market. They each have their own unique ranges, some specializing in particular products and all are well worth a browse.


For those interested in a natural approach to nutrition, the courses offered by these organisations are worthy of further investigation.


There are so many modern day messengers offering their insights into healing and recovery, it’s difficult to know where to start. Below are listed a few contributors that may help you to begin to understand the interconnectedness of life. This is not a definitive list and we stress again we are not especially endorsing anyone listed. We do, however, recognize that the vast area of personal development offers so much that its fruit can so often be confusion! We hope you find some clarity here….


For those looking for a starting point for recovering or improving their physical mobility we believe the following listings are a good place to start.


Water is the most precious thing we will ever put into our bodies. When making the important decision to do something about the quality of the water you drink, the following listings are well worthy of consideration.